Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Holiday Bells Earrings

SKU VID-1410
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
In this quick and easy DIY jewelry video, learn how to make a pretty pair of holiday earrings featuring Nunn Design findings and a lovely blue and white holiday bells cameo. These earrings are so easy to make and take just a few minutes. Use what you learned in the video to make numerous pairs of earrings with different cameos and cabochons. All supplies and tools are available for sale at Beadaholique.com
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com so you see this earring it features this lovely cameo as holiday bells and set into a bezel cup and hung from an earring hook now what I like about this project is it requires just three ingredients and very few tools and it just a tube of glue so we do have this 25 by 18 millimeter cameo now we're gonna set it into this Nunn design bezel cup and so any cabochon or cameo that's 25 millimeters by 18 millimeters would work for this project and then all we're going to need is an earring hook and this one is also by Nunn design then we need some e6000 glue and a pair of chain nose pliers our first step here is we are gonna take this bezel cup and you'll notice these pretty little scallops along the edge we're gonna find the one that's in the center of the top and we're gonna grasp it with our chain nose pliers and we're just gonna bend it back and that creates a great little loop for us now if we wanted to we could go to the other side bend down the bottom one and hang a dangle as well but for this project I just want that top one done now I'm gonna go to my earring hook and you'll see that on the loop there's a little slit and that means it's an open loop so I can just twist it to the side loop on my bezel cup and close it back up just like that and I noticed that this actually will still sit flat from you that's why I didn't have to glue the Cameo first I've got my tube of e6000 glue then is a new tube so it is sealed there is a little point on the inside of the cap so I just turn it upside down press it and that breaks the seal and for this project I'm just gonna put a little bit of glue in the base that's all it needs this is really strong glue put my cap back and place my cameo into my bezel cup and I'm just gonna let it dry and we are done we made a really great quick and easy pair of DIY earrings and I think these would be great for holidays so again if you're interested in the supplies for these you can find them at beadaholique.com and we have a lot of other choices for both cameos and cabochons that will fit with this design thanks for watching you

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