Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Filigree Christmas Tree Earrings

SKU VID-1411
Designer: Julie Bean
In this quick and easy jewelry how-to video, learn how to make a pretty pair of Christmas earrings featuring a Christmas tree bead hanging from a gold filigree link. The project takes less then 2 minutes to make.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com ik christmas tree-- bead hanging from a gold-plated connector link and an earring hook with a little crystal on it so this is very easy to do and I'm going to show you how for your supplies you'll need this old plated connector link and of course you're going to need two of them to do your project here to make a matching pair of earrings now this earring hook comes with the crystal already attached which is great a head pin and your little ceramic Christmas tree bead and you can find all the supplies you see here as well as the tools at beadaholique.com so I've got a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of cutters and a pair of wire looping pliers and I'm using these instead of a round nose plier which you could use if you wanted to so let me show you how to make these it's very easy and it's very quick so you're just gonna take the Christmas tree bead and slip the head pin in it so just rest at the bottom now for the wire looping pliers it's great because they do some of the work for you so I'm just gonna grab the wire where it exits the bead I'm gonna squeeze it you see it made half a little loop for me and I'm just gonna rotate my pliers up to the top and pull that loop around where it Criss crosses and right at that point where the wires cross I'm gonna take my cutter and let's make a little snip and now I'm gonna take my chain nose pliers open up that loop a little bit more and slip it on to my filigree piece just like so and now all I need to do is close that little loop back up and up top I'm gonna attach my earring hook and what's nice about this earring hook is this little loop is actually an open loop meaning it's not soldered and you can just open it as well slide on the top of my little gold-plated link and close it back up whoops and we have a finished pair of earrings so very quick very easy just a few basic tools and all you really need to know how to do is make that simple wire loop and basically how to open a jump ring which is essentially what the loop is here at the base of that earring hook so if you enjoyed this video we do have over a thousand more videos at beadaholique.com as well as on our youtube channel thanks for watching you

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