Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Bridal Bow Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make a quick pair of earrings by using the simple technique of opening jump rings. This is a great project for a beginner. Make this design your own by using your favorite Austrian crystal Channel Charms and Links or even coordinate your colors for bridesmaid's jewelry and even birthstone jewelry!

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com just head over to beadaholique.com and search for our projects and tutorials and you'll be able to find this alright so for today we're going to be using the Swarovski crystal channel charms and we're also going to be using the Swarovski crystal channel links now the links have two loops as opposed to one so that's why they are considered links and we also have our charm now we're going to be using these gold-plated little bow stampings and these also have two little links on the side so what we're going to be doing is we're going to be sort of linking them together with jump rings and then adding an earring hook at the top so I've chosen to do a little Bridal version so I'm using a light blue a light sapphire here but I wanted to kind of draw your attention and show you all the beautiful colors that we have and you'll notice some of these have silver on them and we do have silver bows as well but you could also do something let's say you wanted to make it a little bit of a darker blue so you could sort of bring that in you could actually do one on top and make it really nice and color-coordinated and really fun this is a great little thing if you're doing Bridal jewelry or even bridesmaids jewelry so let's say you wanted to bring in a pink or even maybe even a topaz which would be really gorgeous so lots of fun options here but I'm going to stick with my little light sapphire and all the tools you're going to need is just a couple of pairs of chain nose pliers you can also use a chain nose plier and a round nose plier as well alright so let's go ahead and get started so I'm going to start by simply opening up one of these jump rings here kind of orient it in my pliers there so I have that seam coming out the top and just give it a gentle little twist I'm going to slip on my channel charm and then slip it on to my little bow there and all I'm going to do is just close that up alright so that's one part and then I'm going to take another jump ring here and do the same thing and what I'm going to do is I'm going to connect that link to the top of my bow and to that Sourav ski there we go and we're just gonna close that up all right now here's a little tip for you guys so you can see that the loops are oriented in a very specific way here so instead of adding another jump ring which would sort of make my hook sit to the side I'm actually going to slip it on so that it hooks right on the top so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna gently open my little loop there and you can see there's a little ball on the end so I'm not gonna be able to slip it through so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go backwards so I am going to pick up going this way and if I did the wrong way haha slip it on going forwards there we go because this little bow stamping does have a front and a back and I want that front to lay out there so a nice little thing and then we're just going to kind of close that up almost the same way we did with those jump rings and you just want to make sure that ball is touching that side so that it doesn't slip off so that is a really quick and easy pair of earrings I'm going to do the other pair really quick here and what's nice is when you purchase one of our project tutorials you'll get 10% off of the entire project bundle and another great thing with this particular project is you can see I've laid it out here you'll actually be able to make 2 pairs of earrings by purchasing this bundle and it's really just a fun quick and easy project again you can just see if you're making bridesmaids jewelry and you want to make something that's really nice and special but something they can wear on the big day this is a great way to sort of incorporate a little Swarovski crystal and it's a nice little gift for your bridesmaids all right so finally we're gonna take that earring hook and again just kind of gently opening it sleeping it out and see if I can get it going the right way this time first off did it again always make sure you have it going the right way all right there we go all right so now you can test it before you close it up and just make sure that is nice and finished so there we have the bridal bow earrings super quick and easy really fun and great to personalize I hope you enjoyed this video again you can find all of these supplies and even more video tutorials at beadaholique.com and if you like this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below to get all of our latest

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