Quick & Easy DIY Crafts: Fall in Love with Reading Bookmarks

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make a bookmark with fun fall charms. Make a pair of bookmarks in silver or gold, or even mix and match as seen in this video. Keep one for you and give one to a friend!
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hi this is kat with beadaholique.com beautiful little charms here by tierracast now I have my little pumpkin here with that little leaf and vine and I also have a couple of the oak leaf charms here as well so this is going to use some of that beautiful Rolo chain and I have a nice bookmark that has a little squiggle going down the side so as you can see for my table here I'm gonna do a little mixed metal versions but you can also do an all gold or an all silver version or if you have more colorful charms you can add those in as well so I have my bookmark here ready to go I have my charms I have that pumpkin and those two little oak leaves I also have some 5 millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and then I have some Rolo chain you can use some other styles of chain if you prefer but today I'm going to be using that nice little Rolo chain now we just need some very basic tools so we're gonna be doing a couple of pairs of chain nose pliers and then a pair of flush cutters so if you have everything ready to go let's dive in and get started so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna take our foot of Rolo chain now you don't need a foot for this but you can start with a foot and kind of see how you want your sizes to go and how far you want them to hang down the side so I'm going to choose three sizes and I'm gonna do my first one at two and a half inches so just sort of measure it out and you know this isn't to size and necklace or anything so we're just gonna eyeball that so I'm gonna come in and click that off with my flush cutters right across the whole link and I'm going to set that aside alright so now I'm gonna repeat and I'm gonna do a one and three-quarters inch cut so one and about 3/4 inch so coming in there coming in with my flush cutters and just snipping that off alright so I can just leave my little scraps straight to the side so one in three-quarter inches my last one is going to be one inch this is gonna be nice and short and tiny all right and again just kind of eyeballing that there we go setting my little scraps aside and now I have my one inch there we go alright so I have my three lengths of chain so I'm gonna put the longest one with my pumpkin and the two short ones with my little oak leaves just like so so to do that I'm going to use two pairs of chain nose pliers today I'm using a regular chain nose and a bent chain nose but you can also do two chain nose pliers they'll work just the same so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our jump ring here give it a little gentle twist slip it on to the last link in our Rolo chain and to our charm and we're gonna go ahead and close that up make sure we have a nice good closure and very simply we're just gonna repeat for our next two here now this is a really great little project for you to personalize you can add initial charms you can add other seasonal charms if you like we also do have some really fun Greek letters so that's really fun all right there we go maybe you know someone who's in a fraternity or a sorority who needs to study hard at school there we go a little twist and slip that on to a Rolo chain slip that on to our charm and we're gonna close that guy all right so now we're going to add these on to our bookmark so the little ring that comes attached to the bookmark there is actually an open jump ring so what we're gonna do is we're gonna find that seam there and again just give it a little gentle twist this is a little bit tougher of a jump ring so you might need to kind of really get your pliers in there there we go and leaving it on the bookmark what we're gonna do is we're going to add on our chain but here's my suggestion to you I like to add the longest one in the center so I'm gonna switch and add the medium and then the long and then the short just to kind of give it a little little movement there but you can add them in whichever order you like one and I'm just slipping on the last link of that Rolo chain on the opposite end from where our charms are at there you go it's like come on I know you want to get down there all right so now I'm just gonna sneak my pliers in there and again because this is a nice thick jump ring you're really gonna have to just close it up but once it's closed you are all finished so let me just sort of spread that out there for you so you can see just how cute that is so you have two different bookmarks so it's great to do one for you one for a friend and you both kind of have a mixed metal bookmark all right thanks so much for joining me you guys if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit that subscribe button and of course you can get all of these items you see here at beadaholique.com

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