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hi this is kat with for Thanksgiving and it's gonna come together with some simple wire loops some jump rings and we have feature they're up at the top some Swarovski crystals and this two-sided Turkey charm so to complete this pair of earrings so what we're gonna do is we're gonna have two of our charms there and I have two different sizes of jump rings I have a 5 millimeter 20 gauge and four millimeter 21 gauge and then I have my three colors of swarovski bicones I have the Siam the crystal copper and the smoked topaz and I'm gonna be using some head pins here these are one-inch 21 gauge and then I have my earring hook here so we're gonna complete that second earring in this tutorial alright so for tools what you need is you need a pair of flush cutters you also need a pair of round nose pliers and then two pairs of chain nose pliers that are gonna help us out with those jump rings alright so you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started so the first thing we're gonna do we're gonna take one of our head pins here and we're gonna slide on one of our bicones and let that sit all the way down there at the bottom now come in with your round nose pliers and we're gonna grip really close close as we can to that bicone just a little bit above it what we're gonna do is we're just gonna bend that backwards to give it a nice little sort of Bend just like so and now I'm gonna move my pliers in just a little bit because I want to create a nice little loop I'm gonna Bend that wire up and over bringing it around those round nose pliers rotating my plier and bringing that all the way across to create a simple wire loop now I'm just gonna remove my round nose pliers and kind of sneak my flush cutters in there so I can cut off that excess wire just like so and we can go ahead and set our little scrap aside now my loop is open a little bit so I'm gonna come in with my chain nose pliers and just close up that loop and make sure it's a nice tight closure you can actually just sort of pinch it from the side just to make sure that it's nice and smooth so that is one of our simple wire loops we're gonna repeat that for all nine of our swarovski bicones all right so we have all of our baubles ready to go so we are going to start by using one of our small jump rings so one of the four millimeter jump rings and go ahead and put that into your pliers and give it a little gentle twist to open it up and this is going to provide a little bit of space for us so we're just going to add one little jump ring to the top of our turkey there and we can go ahead and set that guy down now we're gonna use our larger jump ring next so this is that five millimeter jump ring give that a little twist and what we're gonna do is we're gonna slip on one of our Siam one of our crystal copper and one of our smoked topaz and now we're going to attach that to the little jump ring that we just added so go ahead and close that up alright now here's where it's gonna get a little interesting what I'm gonna do is I'm going to separate two of my little bicones on one side and one on the other so now we're gonna use that four millimeter bicone or excuse me that four millimeter jump ring to add on more bicones so go ahead and slip that open and we're gonna add on three of our little pie cones now when we go to add our jump ring again we will make sure that we're putting it at the top there so that we have one on one side and two on the other and I'm just gonna sneak my pliers in there and close up that jump ring so now you're gonna repeat that step once more so again when you're looking at that top of that bicone there you can sort of separate them onto one side or another I'm just going to open that up one more time and it might be easier if you slip on two of your buy cones here and then try to pick up your piece slip on the jump ring and then attach that last little bicone there and now because this is our last jump ring what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually attach our earring hook right to the top there so we have a nice snug little cluster of crystals and go ahead and close that all right and there we have our little turkey feast earrings featuring those beautiful swarovski bicones you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to you

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