Product Spotlight: The BeadSmith Macrame Board

SKU VID-0425
Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, see the new Macrame Board from the BeadSmith. It's an extremely useful new tool for macrame, micro-macrame, and braiding that will hold your work in place and give you a great surface to work on.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this Megan with and today I'm going to show you our new macrame board by the BeadSmith this is a really handy tool for doing any kind of braiding, knotting macrame, micro macrame and basically if you're familiar with kumihimo this is like a really big kumihimo disk without a hole so it's just a really nice and sturdy foam and it's got a nice ruler grid on it and then it's got slits all the way around so it kind of doesn't need specific instructions I just wanted to show you that we have it 'cause it's really handy so if you've done any kind of knotting or braiding you know that part of the challenge is securing your work to your surface of your work surface you don't need to use a clip board or a safety pin on the hem of your pants or anything if you have one of these you can just put it in your lap and I just grabbed some waxed cotton cord and knotted it a bit at the top just to show you how this works but basically it's pretty good of holding if you want to put like a loop around the top or a knot at the top or a bead stopper at the top. Anything to keep it from going through from the backside Then it's going to give you a really nice secure flat work surface once you have your stuff put through the top you can now do your knotting and it's gonna be secure and it's not gonna move link, it gives you an angled work surface instead of having to try to work flat on the table so that's really handy for basically holding your stuff but then also the slits that are around the sides and the bottom are also really great, if you're doing more detailed macrame or knot work or braiding where you need your side strands held in certain places that are out of the way, you can pull your side strands over and tuck them in and hold them still to work on them there also if you need to hold your bottom strands still, like if you're doing a double row shambhala and you need to keep all your beads in place while you wrap the cords around them you can take your bottom cords and put them into the bottom give yourself space to work with it's really handy and if you do a lot of knotting or braiding I highly recommend it. You can also work with it this way if you're doing a wider project or a shorter project so that's the new macrame board from the BeadSmith.

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