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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you this rubber necklace Every once in awhile I'll be going through our showroom and I will see something that I haven't seen before. I'm like what is that and I have to investigate. So I figure if I haven't seen it before there's a good chance other people haven't either so this is a rubber necklace. iIt has some flexibility to it a little bit elastic. It's really soft. It feels really nice and the way it works, it's very light weight you can see, the way it works is it has one end with a reinforced metal tip. It's surrounded by a nice rubber coating but there is a metalcore and then the other end is solid rubber it's squishy and all you need to do to lock this necklace is insert the one side with the metal tip into the other side of the hole It creates a really nice strong bond I just pulled this little glass pendant from our warehouse. If you want to make a necklace it's so simple all you do string it through close it up and you're good to go and you have a finished piece of jewelry and what's really nice about this to is it's going to feel really nice on your neck You don't want to put any thing too heavy on here because you don't want to tug too much but the this little pendant here is fine and this is a really nice alternate to a leather necklace or chain necklace as well/ So this necklace right here I actually turned into a project on in our free project section you'll see it there. It's a really great gift idea I hope this has sparked some ideas for you of what you can do with these great rubber necklaces.

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