Product Demo: EuroTool Wire Gauge Measuring Tool

SKU VID-1116
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
Use this tool to measure your wire and sheet metal. The tool lists both the gauge from 8 - 34 as well as what that gauge equals in fractions of millimeters and inches. It's a nice size to easily fit in your pocket.
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(soft music) - [Julie] Hi, this is Julie with Beadaholique. And in front of me, I have a handy tool by Eurotool. For measuring the thickness of your wire, and your sheet metal. So, this is going to show you the gauge. Ranging from eight, all the way down here, which is the biggest. Up to the smallest, which is 34. And, these are all engraved in this nice tool here. And you're going to see, not only the gauge, but also, the same measurement of what it equals in fractions of millimeters and inches as well. And so, the way you use this tool is, you take whatever you're trying to measure ... So, I have a piece of wire here. And, you put it into the notch. Now, that went in really easily. And, that was the 14 gauge notch. So, then you move up. So, this is 16. Okay, so 16 goes in pretty nicely, but snug. And then, we'll go up to 18. And, it doesn't go in at all. So, that tells me that this is a 16 gauge wire. And, where you want it to fit, is within this little channel. Because, it's obviously going to fit in the holes. So, you just want to make sure it goes into that channel. And, now I know that this is a 16 gauge wire. You can also do the same thing with your sheet metal. So again, we've got the gauges. We've got a list of the fraction of inches and millimeters. And, this comes in a really nice pouch. And, you want to make sure that you keep it in that pouch. Because, these can be really sharp. So, if you're keeping this in your pocket, that could snag your clothing. So, you do want to make sure you store it in the pouch. But, it is nice and it's handy. And, it's a great little tool for measuring your wire and your sheet metal. And you can find it, along with other tools and wire, at

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