How to Use the Acculoop Pliers to Make Perfectly Sized Loops

SKU VID-1090
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn how to use the Acculoop Pliers by EuroTool. These pliers have markings on them ranging from 2mm - 8mm allowing you to make perfectly sized loops every time. Great for making simple and wrapped wire loops.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with nth to make perfectly sized loops every time and you achieve that by aligning your wire up against these markings there's actually seven different ones so we start with two millimeters down here three four five six seven and eight I've went ahead and I made one loop of each size you can see the really nice size range that you can achieve let me show you how to do this so I have a piece of wire here this is 22 gauge craft wire and I'm going to make a three millimeter wrapped wire loop so you see I'm lining my wire up against the marking and I'm holding the wire in place by squeezing my plier noses together so we're just gonna wrap that wire around the nose at the three millimeter mark then we're just gonna take the tail and wrap it and this is a good substantial wire I'm not gonna worry about doing too many wraps I'm just gonna take my cutter now trim my tail and if I was really gonna be making a project with that I would tuck in my tail as well with my chain nose pliers I'm not gonna worry too much about that for this video though because I just want to show you the size so there I have a three millimeter loop and I'm going to compare it to the one I made previously and you can see that they are the same size which is great if you're making a lot of jewelry especially if you are selling it this adds a really nice professional touch to your designs so again these are the eurotool occu loop pliers to make perfectly sized loops every time and you can find them at beadaholique you

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