How to Assemble the Little Ricky Bead Loom

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn how to assemble the Little Ricky Bead Loom, a small version of Rick's Bead Loom. This loom works the same way as Rick's bead loom and only leaves you with two warp threads at the end.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with paracin for you so you can see it is quite a bit more petite which is great for if you're traveling or I'm just wanting to do maybe bracelets that aren't terribly wide this is a great product for that I'm going to show you in just a minute how to assemble it but I did want to show you the size comparison also just for size wise this is the box that comes in whereas the Rick's beading loom comes in this box here but you can also actually now get it unassembled if you want to give it as a gift just make sure that whomever you're giving it to you feel is capable of assembling it because it does take a little bit of assembly but I want to focus on the little Ricki because of this super fun so I'm going to move these big boxes kind of out of the way for a minute I'm going to keep the Rick speeding loom right here so you can reference it as I'm doing this so when you get there little Ricky it comes in this little petite box it also has an instruction manual with it I don't have that on the table because I want to just be able to focus on the components but I'm going to show you how to assemble this guy so you're gonna go ahead and open up your little bag of pieces okay and you're going to get this here which is the end piece and you're just going to use these little pegs and when you want to put it in there and we're going to take this off in a second and put on our rod so I do want to show you the basic concept first so instead of having this adjustable rod right here you have these little pegs and you just put your end piece in whatever peg you want for the length of your project so you just can use it at a different length every single time so you can just adjust it so let me show you how to be able to attach your warp rods you get three of them that's nice that the beads Smith actually provides an extra one in case you ever lose one and then you've got these little end caps - which are gonna hold it in place you get all of them out of there there we go you get a couple extra of those two and these are what are going to hold your threads so you have these little screw eye pins and you've got little pre-drilled holes for them so we're going to start by going ahead and screwing these little screw eye pins into the pre-drilled holes and we're just going to do this with pressure using our hands and then if you want if you've got a pair of jewelers chain nose pliers around you can also use them too okay so there's one I'll do the other three because there's also those little holes drilled on this side as well okay so I've got all four and you notice that positioned them vertically not horizontally so now also I'm gonna get my rods ready so you got these little Stoppers and there's a little hole pre-drilled in those guys as well and we just go ahead we put one on the ends we're all gonna need two of these remember you do have that third one as a backup in case you ever lose one I'm gonna start by placing those little metal dowels in and this is secure I'm able to easily remove it but also is quite secure which is nice you don't usually find those two qualities together and then I'm just going to put this wherever I might want it you can make a piece of beadwork that varies between 2 inches and 8 and a half inches using the little Ricky so now we're going to slide a rod through those little screw eye pins and place a little capper on the other side same thing here okay and then you'll notice these little notches here and these are for your threads so you're gonna wind your threads around these little bobbins and put them in place right here and we do have a full video showing you how to thread the warp threads and how to use the RIC speed loom so that would apply to this little Ricky as well and you're also provided with the little warp separator so that is how you assemble the little repeat bead loom which is a small version of Rick's bead loom you

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