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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com or you're filling them or something else you know it can be really hard to get the actual piece of paper cut perfectly to insert into your bezel and that's where these templates come in handy there's two different ones i'm going to give you the measurement of all the different shapes and then i'm going to show you how to use them so on this one here you have two circles you have a 20 millimeter circle and eight thirty five point five millimeter the triangle measures 45 millimeters from the top to the bottom x 29.5 millimeters across at its widest point and then you have an oval which is 33.5 long x 18.5 tall and then on this guy here we have some really interesting shapes we got the shield which is 59 tall by 38.5 that is widest you've got two rectangles a really tiny one nice sharp corners and that is 27.5 x 9 and then you have this larger one which has got these nice rounded corners which is 60 x 37 and then finally have a petite little square which is 13.5 x 13.5 so i'm going to show you using the 20-millimeter circle and I've got some little cuff links which are 20 millimeter bezels so one nice thing about these is they are transparent which is perfect so I have a piece of scrapbooking paper here and by having it transparent I can move it over and see exactly what's going to be cut out and what's going to be included so I really like the word memory I think that'd be really fun for a pair of cufflinks for this video I'm going to use a pen I would recommend a pencil though because you'll be lighter but i want you to see what I'm doing so I'm going to use a pen but just keep it in mind if you're going to do this at home go ahead and use a pencil a nice sharp one so you just trace the NT area of the shape that you're interested in very easy to do cutting it out you've probably done this plenty of times before so it's just the same basic idea that you have the shape you trace the interior of the shape and then it's going to fit into your bezel so I'm just cutting along my line and then I would just take it and pop it in and it is exactly the right size so that's really nice and really handy you can find these templates as well as a number of bezels to go with them at beadaholique.com you

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