Product Demo: Mod Podge Finishes

SKU VID-0847
Designer: Julie Bean
Mod Podge is an excellent multi-purpose product that is great for mixed media jewelry designs and crafts. In this video see 4 different Mod Podge finishes and decide on the right one for your design. The four finishes shown are: matte, satin, gloss, and sparkle.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with finishes if you're not familiar with Mod Podge is a great multi-purpose sealer glue finisher so it's really a nice thing to use with your mixed-media jewelry projects we've got a matte finish a satin gloss and a sparkle I thought it'd be fun to show you those side by side so you'd have a good comparison when deciding which one you want to use for your project so we just use some scrapbook paper and this is a nice kind of heavier weight but you could use Mod Podge on a lot of different types of papers and so you'll see that this has kind of a just dolphin shows not really anything to it the first one I want to show you is matte and I really love this one it gives it almost a eggshell finish so it is matte and that is not glossy or reflective but it just has really nice finished look to us I'm going to compare that to the actual base paper so you can see a little bit of a difference in that now the next one is satin I want to hold these two side-by-side so here is the matte and here is a satin and you'll see that satin has definitely the start of a gloss but it's not bright it's not really shiny it's not super glossy again I'm going to hold those two against the original paper and then we do get to the gloss one and this is a true gloss you can see the light really bounce off of it when I bend the paper now I'm going to do my comparison again and put all three of them together and then the final one is a complete departure from these and this is something I actually didn't even know we had and I think I'm in love with it this is sparkle it actually has little bits of shiny glitter in it so it goes on kind of white looking with these little bits of glitter and then it dries completely clear so that's really fun I didn't have to add anything else to it to make it have this finish so that's a very fun one I'll put that next to the gloss so it looks like it has a gloss base with the little sparkles in it and then put that next to the satin so you'll see all three of them and then next to the matte and maybe a good comparison here is the sparkle next to the matte because that's the two ends of our spectrum I hope that gave you a better understanding and idea of what the different Mod Podge finishes look like you can purchase all of these and see projects using them at you

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