How to Use Double Notch Crimping Pliers

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to use double notch crimping pliers. These pliers will work on all medium size crimp beads and tubes (2mm - 3mm). Having the double notch allows you to accommodate multiple sizes of crimps using just one tool.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with compliers so you're actually gonna use these the same way you use a normal crimping plier which I'll show you how to do in this video but what makes these unique as you can see here at the nose there's the regular notch which is more rounded right towards the tip there then our two instead of one of little crescent-shaped notches now what that's going to allow you to do is to crimp various sized crimp beads and tubes and actually these pliers are meant to crimp all crimp beads and tubes that are considered medium size which is two millimeters to three millimeters so in the video I'm going to show you how to crimp a two millimeter as well as a 2.5 and just note that if you have a three millimeter you could crimp it as well I just have a couple beads I threw together here on some beading wire I wanted to have a contrasting wire so it'd be a little bit easier to see in the video I've got a bead stop on one end and now on the other end I'm going to go ahead thread on a crimp tube and now this is the two millimeter size and then I'm going to put on a closed jump ring and just pretend that this is what maybe is part of my class or whatever what I'm wanting to finish this design so I've got that jump ring it could be a end of a lobster clasp it could be anything I'm going to take the tail of my beading wire thread it back through that crimp bead and several beads adjacent to it so wire comes back out the other end and now I'm just going to pull it snug and now I'm ready to crimp that crimp tube so the first step is I'm going to lay it down in this case in the middle knotch so this is the smaller of the two crescent-shaped notches now lay it down in there and just squeeze you don't have to use a lot of pressure and you'll see what has now happened is this become curved so now it is a crescent shape now I'm going to rotate it on its side and put it in that top notch which is more rounded and press and now I've taken those two sides and folded them over on top of each other and now it is tight that crimp bead is but my beads are moving but that crimp beads not moving now I can go ahead and trim this off the excess wire now you of course don't want your beads moving around in a design so we need to crimp the other end and in this case I'm going to use a larger crimp bead and use that back knotch but it's going to be the exact same technique thread on the crimp tube thread on whatever other part of your class or whatever object you're wanting to attach it to take the end of your beading wire go back through the crimp tube and several adjacent beads and now in this case because we're finishing off a design we want to make sure there's not a gap in the bead so we're just gonna pull it down so there's not a gap now a little quick designer tip is don't pull it too tight because if you pull it too tight your bracelet or whatever your design is won't curve naturally so you want a little bit of a gap you can see right here there's just a couple millimeter gap you always want that little bit of a gap so now we're going to crimp this side and we're going to do it in the same manner we did it before but we're gonna put it in that back notch which is a little bit larger to accommodate the larger size crimp tube same process though compress now it's crescent-shaped rotate it and put it up in that front notch and fold-over and that is now secure as well now we just need to trim off our tail and if this was a bracelet or necklace it would be all ready to attach the clasp or it would already be finished so you can buy these crimping pliers as well as a lot of other supplies to go with them and hold multitude of beads at you

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