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Hi, this is Kat with tastic tool now this is the original count a stick and these are the three pieces that you'll get when you get it I did a couple little examples here just to sort of show you the fun little things that you can actually make with this and these three tools will come inside of this piece right here and they'll just store right in the bottom of the piece right there so you'll be able to keep those all in one place and I am really excited that we have different mandrel sets we have an inverted cone and I'll show you how to use that one but quickly I just want to talk to you about the hourglass one that we have here and you'll get two different pieces when you purchase this and it'll actually come in four separate pieces because this is how you will attach it to the cone tastic it's actually really simple I'll just show you quickly so the same as the other mandrels you just go ahead and put it in there and tighten it up and you can just add your piece to the top there and you'll begin your wire wrapping and once you get to the top and you're ready to take it off you'll just unscrew that top piece and your wire will just slide right off and you'll have a nice little hourglass shape which is very cool what's nice about the hourglass one is that it actually offers you if you wanted to make this just your own separate cone so it actually provides a different size for you as well so it's kind of a twofer you make a lot of fun things these this is a cone that I made and then pulled out so I could have a little curlicue very fun but I just want to show you what the advantages of this one especially because it's like oh well it makes the same as this you know but it actually doesn't and I'm going to show you why so I'm just going to take one of them and go ahead and slide it in now with these ones make sure that you have it up high enough because that hole right there is where your wire is going to sit so you want to make sure that when you it you don't let that hole go away so I'm just gonna tighten that up nice and tight make sure it's secure and now I have some 20 gauge artistic wire that I'm just gonna use and I'm just gonna take my nylon pliers just just straighten that out a little bit there we go and now I'm just gonna thread it through and sort of bend it back just sort of anchor it for myself I'm just gonna hold that with my thumb there now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start to wind it around and I find it easiest to move the tool if you want you can move the wire it is entirely up to you but this kind of gives you what I feel is a little bit more control so you just wrap it around the mandrel there and keep going and you'll see the advantage is that you can actually make a smaller cone without having to wind all the way from the bottom to the top so let's say I just wanted to make just a little end sort of bead cap I can do it like this and not have to start from the bottom so now I'm just gonna clip off my wire and set that aside and I'm gonna clip it off here as well so I get rid of that tail clip off at this end now I can't get my pliers in there so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually just gonna cheat a little bit and go ahead and take it off the mandrel first there we go set my cone tastic aside and now I can get my flush cutters in there and now it will slide right off so now I can have a little tiny one as opposed to having to wrap from the bottom to the top to get that big one so that's just sort of the advantage with using the inverted tool here this is a really fun tool and you guys will enjoy using it these are sold separately like I said you'll get this with the cone tastic tool and then you can purchase the hourglass and the inverted cone we do have a full video showing you how to use the artistic wire cone tastic tool and you can find more videos at you

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