Retired - Narrow Paracord Bracelet

Designer: Megan Milliken
Skill Level: Intermediate
Get the super trendy look of parachute cord in this thin, dainty version of the basic bracelet.

Note: Components and tools listed within this INSTRUCTIONS box and the printer-friendly PDF, if available, may have been discontinued since this project was published. Refer to the PURCHASE COMPONENTS and TOOLS AND OTHER SUPPLIES sections for current availability.

You can use a pair of flush cutters or a strong sharp pair of scissors to cut through your paracord. You will also need a cheap plastic lighter to complete this project. You'll want a plain one with no shrink wrap, and you'll want one you don't mind getting wrecked.
  1. Watch the instructional video: How to Make a Basic Cobra Paracord Bracelet. As explained in the video, you'll need about a foot of each color of cord for each inch of knotting. Follow the instructions in the video to determine how much cord and knotting you'll need. Note that using the cord without the core strings will mean that you use a bit less, so you might not need as much to start with.
  2. Cut a length of pink paracord and a length of grey paracord to the measurements that you have established.
  3. Before you begin your bracelet, pull the 7 white core strands out of your lengths of paracord and just use the outside in your knotting.
  4. Follow the instructions given in the video to attach your cords to a .50" black plastic buckle and complete your knotting.
  5. Finish the knotting as shown in the video.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED: (scroll down for purchase options)
  • XCR-4352 - Paracord 550 / Nylon Parachute Cord 4mm - Pink (16 Feet/4.8 Meters)
    Project uses 5 feet. You will need 1 package.

  • XCR-4351 - Paracord 550 / Nylon Parachute Cord 4mm - Gunmetal Grey (16 Feet/4.8 Meters)
    Project uses 5 feet. You will need 1 package.

  • FCO-9821 - Paracord / Parachute Cord Black Plastic Buckles 12mm / 0.5 Inch (6 Sets)
    Project uses 1 piece. You will need 1 package.

  • XTL-5600 - Xuron Sharp Flush Cutter Pliers - Wire/Soft Flex
Additional Information
Theme Sports
Ingredients XCR-4352, XCR-4351, FCO-9821,

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