Live Unboxing: Austrian Crystals Spring Summer Collection 2019

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In this live video you will get a chance to experience the unboxing for these gorgeous crystals from the launch of Austrian crystals in the Spring Summer Collection 2019. Get a live look at the newest pearl color, Iridescent Dove Grey, and the new crystal, Majestic Blue, as well as the three new lacquer colors, Lilac, Buttercup, and Lime!

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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hi everyone I am cat Silvia I'm the senior designer here at and we are so excited to really dive into the new colors and new shapes so I have all of my sarathi boxes here and we just got this in so we are going to start over here and just kind of unbox stuff so I just want to say hi to everyone from Facebook and YouTube and everyone from Instagram as well thank you for joining us you guys this is gonna be just so much fun we've been really looking forward to this all right oh okay so in here we have the crystal iridescent dove gray pearl so I'm gonna actually open these up for you and this is their newest pearl color so what's really cool is they come out with a new color of pearl oh look how gorgeous look at that a new pearl color every season so this is that dove gray pearl nough this is just very barely barely grey but it's got a nice little shimmer to it so it's got that pearlescent so if you liked that pearlescent white this is actually very similar in terms of its gonna have just that gray undertone and it's got almost a little bit of like pink and peach so it's it's just really lovely and I think you know people don't always think of gray as being a nice spring color but I think this beautiful dove gray is gonna look really nice and this will be really lovely for Bridal season as well let me see what else we got in here so we have some more pearls out here's some rounds so these ones are coins that I have here and these are gonna be our 12 millimeter round and this is actually just our first shape and we're getting in some more stuff so anything that you see here we're gonna be getting more of and more styles and shapes so be sure to check that out and I'm just gonna pull this whole thing out look how gorgeous that is beautiful so these are 12 millimeter pearls so nice and large pearls and I just love even just seeing them strung together and what's really interesting is you kind of look on the side there and you can almost get a little glint of like a purple so very pretty so you can actually pair this with a lot of the different store ASCII crystal colors all right so it looks like the rest of the box here is pearls so I'm just gonna leave that there yet we have some 10 millimeter coin pearls so just a smaller size there alright so let's go ahead and move on and see what it is in my next box here alright oh I just love this it's like Christmas all right we have some majestic blue Oh gorgeous okay so this is the majestic blue and this is an eight millimeter so let me go ahead and open this box oh this is so fun alright now this is their newest color that they came out with this season so oh god you can just get that little sneak peek in there this is so pretty alright let me kind of pull this out and we're gonna get it on to my little table there Oh gorgeous look at that beautiful blue let me kind of pour a few out now I I'm a blue girl I love blue maybe it's that maybe it's this such a lovely color and to be honest with you one of the things that I'm looking forward to is all the different colors that I can pair this with and the first thing I thought of instantly is making some beautiful red and white and blue jewelry and I'm probably gonna pair this with their latest color from last season the scarlet and I think this will just look really really gorgeous but I hope that you're really getting to see those facets in that beautiful color here okay so we have some rounds there so I'm gonna see what else we have oh this is lovely alright so we have some beautiful pendant beads here and this again isn't that majestic blue let's see and these are all gonna be available oh yes look how gorgeous that is look at those beautiful that'll drop pendants just lovely look at that these are all gonna be available at and you can actually start ordering these right now and we're gonna get them out to you this weekend so and we have lots of beautiful bicones here so let me pull out some bicones we have little tiny ones 4 5 and 6 millimeters yeah let me pull out the six months you can really see okay so these are gonna be six millimeter bicones alright ready for this oh my God look how gorgeous now you can really see that gorgeous blue color I am just so in awe look at that oh this is gonna be wonderful to work with I am really looking forward to this I'd love to hear in your comments what colors you would want to pair with this I'm you can get really kind of juicy and go for some oranges and some yellows I think that would look really lovely and very summery so you could also do some beautiful pinks lots of fun stuff so I'm just gonna move that out of the way let's see what I have in my next box here alright whoo alright so we are getting into some of our fancy stones here so let me pull this out so again this is the majestic blue and this one is gonna be foiled here all right yeah let's take a look ah whoa wow look at how gorgeous that looks in the fancy stone so this is an oval fancy stone this is the 18 by 13 so you can just kind of see that color let me just take that out so when they have a foil back it's gonna look like that and this is gonna fit in those gorgeous fancy stone settings and the nice thing about this color is you can actually pair it with gold or silver and I think it'll still it just as studying but what's really funny as I was talking about Bridal earlier and you know as a bride you always want something blue so this would be actually a really great addition to sort of pair with those lovely little pearls in fact let me kind of direct your attention over here I'm gonna pull it back in so we're gonna come see the pearls one more time here and you can just see how lovely that is with that beautiful majestic blue so just take a look at that isn't that gorgeous I'm getting so inspired with all kinds of fun things that I want to do with these so let's see what else we got okay we have some majestic blue of foil dribble ease see what's in here okay move some of my items to the side here we go alright so now we have some rib leaves and we do have some great Rivoli settings so these are really wonderful to use there but these are gonna be a little bit smaller there look how gorgeous so yeah so what I love is that these blue actually look really fantastic in all kinds of different shapes and styles you can see that the blue on the foil back is a little bit richer than say the beads but that's just because it kind of has something for all that light to bounce off of and kind of come back at you with so alright so there are some River leaves all right let's see what's in our next box I want to I want to keep moving here and keep finding stuff okay let's see here we got here okay so this is the new shape this is a classic cut pendant and if you can kind of see they do these little kind of line drawings there to help them figure out where all those facets are gonna go so let me kind of open this up this is going to be the vitriol medium and we have here the 14 millimeters so let's go ahead and open that one up and of course you can get all of this at and here we go whoo oh my how beautiful oh I'm so impressed I love these okay so this is the classic cut so it has a little bit of a point on the back there on that foiling back and they kind of have that vitriol medium so it kind of has that nice little sort of flash and on the front is this beautiful little like sort of sunburst facet and it has a nice little hole at the top so this is ideal for tiny pendants or earrings and this is just so beautiful okay so we have the vitrail medium let me see if I can find another another color that we have here let's see we have crystal golden shadow Bermuda blue ooh and this is a 10 millimeter so this is a tiny one so let's see alright so Bermuda blues gonna be a little bit different it's a color that we've had for a while it's gonna have a little bit more of a dark blue and a light blue tone to it alright so let's kind of give that a peek and ooh gorgeous and you can see on these ones they have a nice little sort of silver backing to them so it's a little bit of a different feel but you get a lot of that blue and you're kind of getting like almost the majestic blue sort of on the outer rim there and then it kind of goes and fades into a lighter blue so this is the bermuda blue and i think i'm gonna really love working with these classic cut pendants alright let's see if we have some other fun ones so crystal a be golden shadow let's see here I saw one that I wanted to play okay we have the lights amps this is gonna be a beautiful red color so let's go ahead and open this one up these sign there all right oh you can see it peeking through already ooh gorgeous they look like it doesn't that look like candy it's like little gumdrops really really gorgeous so now this is a great example to kind of show you guys so these ones do not have the foil backing to them so they are crystal through and through you can actually kind of see my hand move underneath it so this is going to be just a light Siam crystal all the way around it so just really really gorgeous and I know we just kind of wrapped up Valentine's Day but I'm sure those will definitely be making an appearance for various u.s. holidays and Christmas of course which is hard to think about in February but I think these will definitely be making their appearance they're just a beautiful classic cut pendant so I'm so glad they came out with that new shape and you can just see it right next to the majestic blue there so just a really really gorgeous gorgeous color alright one more box here and then we have some more stuff alright I see a big box in here that I want to see oh okay so they came out with three new colors and these are the lacquer colors so this one here is going to be Buttercup so they have buttercup lilac and I believe the third one is called lime so these are gonna kind of go with that beautiful that beautiful lacquer line that they have so let me kind of share this oh that's so gorgeous look at that just again like you get all those beautiful little facets on those River leaves just really really shimmer and what's nice is they do have that sort of lacquer backing there so you're getting that nice little yellow and then on the front it has that beautiful little shimmer and Rivoli's have a point on the front and the back but these are great and again we do have nice little settings for these I feel like you could do gold with this I would probably maybe want to do silver I don't know I think you couldn't do either I think it depends on your complementary color but again I just want to kind of show this next to the majestic blue in case you guys want to kind of get inspired by some beautiful summer color so just look at that really like it's almost like a summer-like dew drop or gum drop you know and I maybe I'm craving candy or something but he's just looks so beautiful all right so let me kind of set these down I want to show you the other two colors that are in here so let me find a couple of those let's see okay so we have some chitons and these are the lime so this is going to be a lovely green color look at that just gorgeous so these are really beautiful these are let's see a stone size 39 so you can just kind of see how big that is so we have again you can use these in crystal clay which would be really really lovely but just this summer colors that they've come out with are just so juicy and so wonderful and really really vibrant I can't wait to work with these so let me go ahead and I'm gonna set these ones aside here and let's go see if we can find some of that lilac in our and our fun in a little box here all right we have lilac shirt on zan drivel YZ oh I want to pull this one out okay so we have lilac and this is 18 by 13 and these are gonna be pair fancy stones I'm go ahead and pull these ones out Oh oh so fun look at that they almost look like little Easter eggs so these have a beautiful little teardrop shape and I love that the way that they do their teardrops is that they have a nice little sort of flat facet that runs down the center of it so really gorgeous so there's that so let me kind of pull these all together here for you and then I have my yellow one so you can kind of see just the beautiful colors and actually I think they did such a wonderful job of sort of putting this you know trio together so you get that beautiful Buttercup you get lime and lilac so I'm actually very excited to kind of put them all together and and work with all of them I think they're gonna be just really really fun so okay so the last thing I have here is I have some more square beads now these are something then we actually already have so we've just brought in some more colors and some different sizes and stuff here for you so I'm just gonna show you a couple of these but these are really fun and this is sort of a great crystal to work with if you like bead weaving or especially stringing come on because these have okay the one I'm opening now is a jet and it's a single hole alright so they are teensy tiny little square beads so we have these and you can see kind of I have one on its side there I'm hope that's coming through I know these guys are jet so they're really really really black but they have a nice little sort of bead weaving thing and they have a nice little spike on the top there so let me see if I can pull out maybe a different color here oh let's see yeah oh this is great so we have the hexagon and the paradise shine let me kind of pull this out for you alright all right oh there you go all right so this is a hexagon and it has a nice little sort of peak shape at the top and then it has a single hole going through it now we do have these ones in the double holes as well so it's great if you're using other two hole beads and we have just a huge selection of that as well so but yeah so this is the paradise shine it's just really beautiful got that lovely little green and sort of purple glint to it and a little bit of sort of that amber yellow undertone that sort of golden shadow style so that is the paradise shine all right and there's a last little thing that we were kind of wanting to bring in here these are just some bicones but this isn't a really really lovely color so this is the crystal or m2x and if you're familiar with the Crystal colors this is going to be a beautiful gold and 2x means that it is coated on both sides all right so this is gonna be just so gorgeous oh look how beautiful oh I love it so much and look at this so I'm gonna bring in a couple of the other pieces here just so you can kind of see when I talk about gold and silver and just kind of pairing them all together so you can have that beautiful little blue there and I have some lilac so just some really fun sort of inspirational colors there but that has been sort of my little unboxing video here thank you guys for joining me I just wanted to kind of show you what we get to experience when we get in the latest Swarovski and I know we're just really really excited to to play with these and I just have a lot of fun so be sure to head over to and we will be having all of this available to you guys this week so again we have the beautiful dove pearls we have the majestic blues we have the lilac the lime the Buttercup and we have the Orem so the classic cut pendant will probably be the first thing that I'm gonna want to play with so we are really excited and very inspired so be sure to also check out a lot of our tutorials that are be coming next week we're gonna be busy making things all weekend long so thank you so much for joining me you guys and if you have comments here go ahead and leave them and we are happy to answer them for the future so thank you so much everyone and thank you so much everyone for joining us have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back here next week

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