Instructions for Making the Wide Spiked Bracelet Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to make the Wide Spiked Bracelet Kit - an exclusive kit from Studs and spikes are all the rage and this on-trend bracelet captures that rock n' roll look perfectly. In the kit you will receive all the supplies you need to make up to a 9 inch bracelet including the stretch cord, spikes, and glue. The only tool you need is a pair of scissors.
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Hi, this is Julie with this is a very trendy design we wanted to make it in kit form so that you would be able to just purchase exactly everything you need so your kit comes with everything you see here you have enough of these little triple spiked connectors to make a nine inch wide bracelet and of course we have a smaller wrist you just leave a couple off you're going to get a spool of opal on you're going to have leftover of this for other projects and then you're going to get a tube of e6000 glue so before we begin I want to show you how wide these are so you'll see they're just about half an inch so that will give you a good clue when you start making your bracelet if you want a seven inch bracelet which is what this is I use fourteen of these and then a like I mentioned will give you enough to make about a nine inch bracelet so just adjust accordingly when you start stringing these together for the tools that you're going to need you're gonna need a ruler a pair of just regular scissors something to apply the glue with I have a toothpick but a scrap piece of wire and then something to put the glue on this is a great simple kit to put together goes together really fast and you end up with a really fun design so we're going to begin by measuring out our opal on and this is stretchy as you can see here we're going to measure 18 inches not stretched out inches but just when it's laying flat and relaxed so we're done with the measurement could put our ruler away and then if you look at each of these spike bars of course it has a triple spike and then there's a hole going through each of the end of spikes of your bar and so what we're going to do is we're just going to start by taking one length of our opal on and putting it through one of the holes it helps if you have a beading mat and can just lay this flat I'm going to scoop 14 of these bars onto the opal on and they'll give me that seven inch bracelet I've got 14 scooted on so these are extras and then if you want to make a wider bracelet you'll have them available to do so and before I go any further I'm just going to take my other strand of oak blonde and I'm just going to run it through the top hole of each of my spike bars one thing I'm watching as I'm doing this is my tails they don't have anything stopping them so occasionally you might just want to pull them so that they're not so close to the end spike bar no so you don't want to pull out after you've gone to this effort if they do pull out easy enough you just restring that last bar now that they're all strung go ahead and pull the opal on so that you have about equal amount on each side and grab them scoot them all together flip them over and we're going to tie one side first to do that we're just going to pull the two ends together make sure that you're doing it with the the same piece of opal on you wouldn't want to connect this strand to that strand you want it to be on the same level pull them together and we're not going to try to stretch it at this point we just want to tie a simple overhand knot like you want it to be you don't want any gaps between your spike bars but you also really don't want it to be pulled stretch there we go now we're gonna do that to the other side while we're at it it's going to make a simple knot like so now we're going to take our glue so a new bottle of e6000 so it's going to be sealed there's a little point on the inside top of the cap and you're just going to push that down and that's going to puncture the seal so your glue will come out squeeze a little bit of glue onto the poster notepad or a scrap piece of paper you're not going to be using a lot but it does dry quickly so you don't want to put too much down and take a little bit of that glue put it over your knot and because Oakland is stretchy you do just want to reinforce that knot with a little bit of glue and now we're just going to tie another knot so it sits down into that glue I'm going to do that on the other side as well see where that knot is with this particular bracelet design the holes and the spike bars are actually pretty big so you're not to have a tendency to slip into those holes which is totally fine it actually is kind of nice and disguises them but to begin with you want to make sure you can put that glue that little dab of glue on to the knot and then tie another knot so I'm actually going to let this dry for a few minutes and then I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna tie a few more reinforcing knots so it's been about 10 minutes and now I'm just going to do a couple reinforcing knots to do that I'm going to take one end of my opal on and I'm going to thread it back through and then jacent spike bar and then I'm going to come up under the Opel one just like an opal on thread bridge then just pull my opal on tail through it to create another little knot again I'm just going to put a little dab of glue and actually at this point I need to put some more fresh glue down importantly with a six thousand that your glue is fresh it does dry kind of quick you don't want it to be too lumpy so I'm just gonna put a little bit of glue over that knot I'm gonna do the same thing so I'm just going to go under my opal on bridge creating a little bit of a loop put the tail through the loop and pull I'm gonna let that dry and I'm gonna go back and do that with each of my tails just to make a reinforcing knot on each so I'll do that I'll let them dry and then I'll show you how to trim your tails all right when all your glue is dry and you're ready to trim your tails go ahead and pull your opal on thread and you want to snip your tail pretty close to that knot if you've applied glue it will be reinforced so you'll just snip it like so and you'll do that on all four sides I'm just going to get in here snip it slip it and snip it so just like that created your bracelet and this one's still a little bit wet with my glue so I don't want to handle it too much but this one is finished and you'll see you have a very on-trend design and this is called the wide spiked bracelet aptly named it is what it is and you can find it at under our exclusive kits I hope you enjoyed you

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