How to Make the Exclusive Beadaholique Earring Trio Kits

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will see how to make one of the exclusive Beadaholique earring trio kits. These easy and elegant earring kits feature SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS beads and either silver plated or gold plated pinch bail findings. Each kit includes everything you need to make 3 complete sets of earrings and the only tool required is a pair of chain nose pliers. Keep all three sets for yourself or give as gifts!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and you'll be able to make three sets of earrings in each kit so this is one set and you'll see that it features silver-plated findings and then Shroff's the elements crystals and pearls and then we also have ones that have gold-plated findings as well and all of them will feature Swarovski Elements beads so in this particular one we call it the sea breeze collection you see it's got this wonderful blue rondell that looks to me like the color of the ocean and some pearl accents here we have the monte carlo set rich purple and gold we have the evening gala collection which was perfect for if you're going out for a night on the town we have the english rose set pretty shades of pink and gold then we also have the timeless pearl collection and then finally last but not least the winter berry collection so I just want to pick up these so you can see how they look so you will of course like I said be able to make three complete sets of earrings you can keep them all for yourself or give them as a gift and they're really quite elegant and very easy to make so now I want to show you what you'll actually get when you purchase a kit so I have a Monte Carlo kit over here and this is what you're going to receive you're going to receive six earring findings so two of each so you can make your three sets of earrings six different beads and six earring hooks the only tool you're going to need is a pair of chain nose pliers and all the beads will fit into all the different earring findings so I'm going to pull over the finished example here of the earrings but you wouldn't necessarily always have to put the cube bead in this short ribbon one you could put it in the spiral you could put it in the longer ribbon you can really mix-and-match one thing though I want you to cautious of choose ahead of time which one you want in which you could switch them out once or twice but I would not recommend trying to make these interchangeable and switching them out for different outfits you will end up eventually weakening the metal and your earrings won't last as long so I'm just going to start with this here which I am calling the long ribbon you can call it whatever you like and you can see it's got two prongs to separate the prongs you're just going to use your fingers and pull them apart gently and you want to pull them apart not quite to the width of your bead but almost and I'm just gonna take the Pearl you see the hole right there now slip it in to one prong and then on the other side I'm just gonna slip the other prong into the Pearl and pinch and now one tip is if you pinch a little bit further up it really helps to tighten it there you go I'm gonna make the second one just slip that pearl in there tighten it you can see how quickly these are coming together it would be a perfect gift for the holidays so you've got a number of people you want to give gifts to with this one kit you'll be able to make three different pairs of earrings which would equal three different gifts and I'm just pinching so I'm pinching right here or the prongs are and I'm pinching up a little higher as well you don't want to pull too wide it might be a little bit harder to pinch it back together you don't want to miss shape to the middle and then finally the spiral and with this spiral I actually like to pull and twist a little bit to secure it just have a really neat suspended look to them now it's okay if you see a little bit of the edge of the prong it's not a big deal it's secure and there it's not going anywhere because of that prong is going from both sides now to attach the earring hooks you're just going to open the loop at the base the same way you'd open a jump ring so by twisting it and placing the loop at the top of your earring finding into that open loop and closing it back now we're not speeding up this video at all so this is actual real time you'll see this is probably going to take me under maybe three minutes to make three pairs of earrings maybe four minutes some people like to use two pairs of chain nose to do this I find that my finger works just as well - just hold it in place and then twist back and forth with one pair of chain nose and there we are done three lovely pairs of earrings all ready to go to enjoy for yourself or to give us a gift and this again is an exclusive kit available at you

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