Instructions for Making the Harmony Bangle Trio Kits

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make the Harmony Bangle Trio Kits. These bracelet kits are available exclusively at and come in gold, silver and copper variations. This trio of memory wire bangles feature seed beads, dagger beads and charms. The only tools needed are round nose pliers and chain nose pliers. These easy bracelets look great as a trio or when you stack them up with other bangles.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with now what I have here is I have the three different color variations I have a silver a gold and a copper in this video I'm going to be using the gold color variation but please note that it is the same instructions for all three color variations so let's get started these are the three bracelets that you'll be able to make when you get this exclusive kit I have one featuring a color-block pattern with a charm one that is the dagger beads and another that is a mixed version also featuring a charm so when you get your kit you'll get a tube of dagger beads you'll get your seed beads which will come mixed and I'll show you how to separate them in a moment you'll get two charms two jump rings and you'll get three pre-cut coils of memory wire and this one comes with the gold memory wire to complete this kit you'll need a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of chain nose pliers we are going to start first by doing the dagger bangle so take your tube of dagger beads and dump them out on your table here and take one coil of memory wire all three are identical so it doesn't matter which one you start with it should be about a loop and a half so to one end you're going to take your round nose plier and you're going to make a simple loop place your tool and you're just going to wrap it inwards creating a little loop and just for extra security so one end you have a loop that is going in towards the memory wire so moving to the other side we are going to start to pick up our beats and these ones can be a little tricky they are glass beads so just be patient and you'll just keep adding beads one at a time until you have filled up your memory wire and you can just slide it all the way down there to the end and keep adding you may find it easier to pick up the beads as you go so another way you can do this is just to pick them up and slide them on one by one this can be a little bit more tedious but sometimes it makes it actually a little faster depending on the beads okay as you come to the end you'll notice that if you search them down really tight they'll be a little bit more stiff the effect that we want to get for this bracelet or that I prefer it's up to you is to have them have a little bit of mobility so because of that you will not be adding beads all the way to the very tip so you'll add beads I'll probably need at least a few more here you'll want to leave a little bit of room to make your wire loop so I think that is just about as far as I want to get so I am now going to take my round nose pliers again take the wire and make a simple loop bending it in towards the memory wire loop and you'll notice that I have a little bit of slack there make sure your loop is closed just pinch it together there we go and you'll notice I have a little bit of slack but when I let the beads go now they can move around a little bit and that is the completed dagger bracelet so I'm going to go ahead and set this aside and you'll notice that I do have several daggers left overs you can actually use that in a different project or I noticed that some of them didn't have their drilled through so you'll have plenty to play with clean that up and go ahead and set that aside for the next bracelet we are going to be making the color-block charm version so again take another loop of your memory wire and you're going to do the same thing you're going to make another simple loop using your round nose pliers bending it in towards the main loops and nice and tight so that your beads won't slip off and now what we're going to do is we're going to take our seed bead mix and we're going to separate some of the colors now each seed bead mix that you're going to get might vary slightly you might have slightly more dark blues like the more white or whichever color you've gotten so now all I'm going to do is just try to separate some of the colors so I want some clear ones over here white ones and you can do this before after you start just depends on what you want to do and then when I did after separating all of these I figured out which colors I wanted to use and which blocks so I'm going to show you how to determine that once you've separated your colors so now that I have my beads separated what I'm going to do is just by visual representation look and see how I want to do my color blocking for this one I did ten beads each and just kind of a random pattern around the great thing about this kit is when you get it you don't have to do the color blocking you can do two that are mixed up you can do one that's all one color it is entirely up to you so I'm going to start though and I'm going to try to replicate some of my color blocking but let's see I'm going to start with these dark beads here so go ahead and take the memory wire without the loop and just go ahead and string on ten beads four five six seven eight nine and ten and I'm going to scooch those all the way down the coil to the bottom and see I think these white ones might look good next to it so I'm going to pick up ten of these two three four five six seven eight nine and ten scooch those down let's grab maybe some green ones over here one two three four five six seven eight eight nine and ten and you just keep going around and determining which colors you like I'm gonna do some where these blue ones over here if you want to do the color blocking version I recommend that you do it first it might seem counterproductive to separate all of them and then remix them but if you do it this way you'll be able to see how many you have so you won't sort of bead yourself into a corner by not having the right amount of beads to complete a set of ten in the color that you wanted so I recommend if you want to do the color blocking to do it first there's six seven eight nine and ten and we're getting pretty close to the end here so let me try to do maybe one more out of ten and see where we're at seven eight nine and my beads are already getting a little mixed up that's okay all right it looks like I have just enough for another set of ten here so I'm going to do the dark beads here just the same as we started four five six seven eight nine and ten okay it looks like I have a little bit extra so I'm gonna go ahead and do maybe five one two three and four looks like I'm only gonna get four still have the same color blocking effect I just ended with four as opposed to ten because I'm trying to hold on to that end there now with these bracelets you do want to get your loop close to the end because you don't want the beads to slide around so again take your round nose pliers and you're just going to bend your loop in and get it nice and tight there and close it completely so that your beads don't slide off now for the next part of this I'm going to take one of my jump rings and one of my charms and I'm going to take my round nose and my flat nose pliers I'm going to open this jump ring slip on my charm and add it to one of the ends of the memory wire and now all I'm going to do is get my player in there and take my other player and close up that jump ring nice and tight and then this bracelet is finished so I'm going to add that to my stack and for the next bracelet we're going to repeat the same process and now you can mix up all those beads that you spent all that time separating so now we have a nice mix of our beads again and we have our piece of memory wire same thing we're going to take our round nose pliers and we're going to make our loop at the very end end it in towards the wire and close it up nice and tight make sure it sits flat you can just sort of pinch it and now this is the easiest one because we're just going to go through and we're just going to pick up a random assortment of beads just however we want and just slide them down and keep going like this until you have until you are all the way to the other end you can pick them up in any order you like or you can do another color color blocking one you can have two that are color blocked it's entirely up to you okay so now let's pick up my last last bead I think I want a little more slack than that so I have about that much room left on my bracelet take your round nose plier and go ahead and bend your loop in nice and tight there because you want it to be able to hold that jump ring so go ahead and pinch it if you need to and then there's the bracelet and now for the final touch we are going to add one last charm so again taking your chain nose pliers and your round nose pliers go ahead and open that jump ring slip on your charm and add it to the loop of memory wire close your jump ring and you are all finished so now we have completed the three stacking bangles and I'll show you what they look like so you can add one and two and three and these will move around you can flip the charms around you can also add these two other bracelets but that is how to make the harmony bangle trio kits you

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