Instructions for Making the Christmas Bell Earring Kit

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, you will learn how to make the earrings in the Christmas Bell Earring Kit, which is available at These pretty, festive earrings feature lucite flowers and will be a great way to show your holiday spirit. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create simple wire loops and wrapped wire loops.
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Hi this is Megan with and I'm going to show you how to make the Christmas Bell earring kit earring The earring is gonna look just like this one here It's a really cute red and green lucite and czech glass bell shaped christmas earring what you're going to receive in your kit is two red lucite bells four green czech glass beads two gold plated metal beads two gold-plated earring hooks two gold plated eye pins two gold plated head pins and then you're going to have six gold-plated bead caps. Four of the one style and two of another style and the tools you're going to need are a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of round nose pliers and a cutter so the first thing you're going to do is take one of the eye pins and place the red lucite flower onto the eye pin then you're going to take one of the open kind of scroll work looking bead cap. The ones that looks like an outlined flower. The ones that there's four of and place it onto the flower then you're going to take the solid daisy bead cap and place it right on top and both of those face down then take a second of that open daisy bead cap and place it facing up take one of your green glass beads put it inside of that and you're going to take one of the gold plated metal beads and put it on top of that now we have to this whole little built stack here we're going to do a wrapped wire loop on top of this grab the head pin that on top of the gold bead just with the tip of the pliers and you're going to want to make sure that that's snug that the eye pin is pulled all the way up and your going to bend the wire over to almost ninety degrees right above the bend grab the wire with a pair of round nose pliers and bend around rotate the pliers so that you can complete the bend and have a ninety degree angle between the little base of the wire and the tail end take a chain nose plier and wrap that tail down until you meet the top of your beads once you meet the top of your beads use your cutters to snip the rest off and then use your chain nose plier to tuck that tail end in so that it's not pokey you can also straighten out your loop with the chain nose pliers One more step. You're going to take one of the head pins and place another green bead on there and now we need to make a simple wire loop the simple wire loop you're going to grab the head pin just above the bead this time instead of bending above the pliers you're going to use the pliers to bend right above the bead at about a forty five degree angle again use the round nose pliers to grab right above the bead and then around take the pliers and complete the loop when you're just going to use a pair of cutters to clip off your excess wire and that created a simple wire loop go ahead and make sure that that's open your earring component up hang your simple wire loop from the loop on the eye pin push that close close it up and that's all of the components, we just need to hang it from the earring hook now take your earring hook and on this side of then loop that has a little ball, you're just going to use the chain nose pliers to grab that and push it to the side to open that up hang it by your wrapped wire loop close that up and that's your completed earring you're just going to repeat that entire process to make your second earring and that is all there is to it Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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