How to Bead Weave a Flower using CzechMates 2-Hole Dagger Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial see how to bead weave a pretty flower using size 11/0 Toho seed beads and CzechMates 2-hole dagger beads. These quick and easy-to-make flowers can be worked into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm want to show you how to make this bead woven flower using CzechMates™ two hole dagger beads and as you can see they've got two holes in them like the name suggests What you're going to need for this project is 10 dagger beads per flower, you're going to need some size 11/0 seed beads and you're also going to need some fireline or wildfire beading thread and then in terms of tools you'll need some bead stoppers, a needle, and scissors so what you gonna do to begin to make this is your gonna cut yourself a length of thread about 18 inches it's going to be plenty take a bead stopper place it about six inches from the tail because you're not going to be tying a knot on the end of this tail at this moment but you are gonna need to go back and be able to thread the needle onto tail at the end. Thread my needle and start to string my beads I'm using these darker beads so you can hopefully see it a little bit better in the video here Start with two Toho beads and then I'm going to go through this second hole, so the one that's closest to that tip of the dagger bead and two more seed beads again the second hole and I'm just gonna repeat this process until I have all of my daggers strung with two seed beads between each of them when I get to the last bead, I'm not gonna add anymore seed beads to the end here because eventually this gonna curl around and connect and you can see I've already got the two beads needed for that space, that gap between them. At this point I'm a take off my needle and place another bead stopper on this end of the thread I need another length of thread which I've already pre-cut here again it's 18 inches. You don't have to be precise here 18 inches is probably actually a little more than you're gonna need I like to err on the side of caution I'm going to place another bead stopper on my end and now I'm gonna string the beads which are gonna be that interior round so instead of doing two beads because you'll see here in this example in order to get it to curve into the shape you want you need more beads on the outer row and fewer beads on the inside So we're going to do one bead between each. Again start with one bead go through that first hole that's closest the end, another bead through another bead, go through pull that down and you're just going to continue that pattern of one bead, go through the hole of one bead, go through the hole until you reach the end again if it gets a little squirrelly at this point don't worry about it, as long as you've got your bead stoppers on so the bead won't come off. Make sure that it doesn't get tangled See what we've got there you, you got all of your beads strung on and now you just need to connect them together now to start to finish this flower, take the thread that still has the needle on a remove the beads stopper from the other one and thread and make them criss-cross and we're going to tie a knot. You can see our flower just came together do another knot so we have our flower. The an extra bead floating in there. Now take the other ends and at this time tie them as well I'm removing their bead stopper and do the same thing now here's where you have to be careful. I don't want these beads on the outside of my thread I want it on the inside so that when I tie my knot, it'll actually be a little easier if I start over a good thing to be cautious of I want the knot to go right here basically on the edge of those threads right but against that other second hole in this dagger bead. Carefully slide those down, there we go, much happier you can see that they form a nice loop. Make sure that that thread ends up right along the side of your dagger and not between your beads we have completed our flower and now we just need to take care of our tails so it's the thread that still attached to the needle. I'm just gonna go back in and work it along my thread path. You want a little extra security so tie another knot in here and then just continue working thread in be cautious where your thread is. I'll do one more knot on this one and I'm gonna snip this thread. Just be careful you don't snip the threads you haven't worked with yet. Take my needle off Thread it back onto the other tail and then again work it in, following your thread path I recommend tying those little knots here and there, just to give it a little bit extra security It don't take long to do but they will help to make it a little tighter and trim that thread you can see the middle one is done and now to do the outer one you just do the exact same thing I'm not gonna do that in the video here because it's the same technique as I just showed you but there you have a little bead woven flower using Toho seed beads and CzechMates™ two hole dagger beads. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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