How to Wrap a Nunn Design Itsy Bottle with Peyote Bead Weaving

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to zip up a strip of peyote bead weaving to wrap a glass bottle to keep your message a secret. Great for a special occasions, keepsakes, weddings and gifts. You will also see how to attach a chain to make a complete necklace.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with so these are actually really fun little bottles they have two little loops on the side and they're glass bottles and this is the antique gold version and it has a little cork on the top that you can remove and place a little note or a little something special in there I have over here an example using the silver and into the center there I've added the crystal splash and what that looks like is this up here it's these beautiful sort of crystal chatons and they are just so fun you can actually use this as table decoration it's very popular at weddings but we wanted to kind of just fill up that glass so it almost looks it gives that illusion of cracked glass on the inside there so it's kind of fun so there's a lot you can do with these little bottles but for our video here what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take this little strip of peyote and sort of mask over it so that you can create a cool little shape that will be a little hidden message on the inside so to do that today I'm using the miyuki delicas and these are 15 oh so they're really nice and teensy-tiny you can see just how tiny they are here I'm using some 4 pound fireline and I have a size twelve beading needle on that and then I'll show you in just a little bit we're gonna actually attach a necklace but let's go ahead and go ahead and wrap this guy up so we're just gonna sort of place him in there and you can see that I've done even count peyote here so that my teeth of my bead weaving line up so I still have my tail here and this is where my needle is coming from so in case you're curious this is sixteen columns wide here and then going from this side to this side it is 24 beads in length so just as you're kind of working your way so I counted the outer edge beads there you can see that this one in my starting point is my up bead there and I finished here and it kind of has that little jut down there so it's 16 by 24 on the long side so you can create all kinds of fun patterns you can do a solid color I was able to get mine to line up pretty nicely here with a nice little striped pattern so you can see that it's just gonna kind of fit together there so all we're gonna do is we're gonna take our needle and it's coming out of the bottom there so we're just gonna turn it around and go up through the next bead there on this side and kind of pull that through and you see it come together and then we're gonna go on the other side so we're just gonna kind of zigzag our way up and this is called zipping up peyote so we've done this before and a couple other different videos here I'm just gonna keep my tail out of the way there we go so you just go back and forth all the way up towards the top and you're just gonna zip it up and it's gonna bring both of those sides together for you so I'm gonna keep going and then I'm gonna show you really quickly how to tie off on the other side when you get all the way up to the to the top there alright so I'm going back up through my last little bead there and you can see that I have a little tiny gap there between those last two beads so where my ends are coming out so what I want to do is I want to do one last little stitch that's gonna take it up and over and around and then I'm going to go back down through a couple of beads here and all I need to do now and you can see that zipped up really nicely you almost can't even see the seam so I'm just gonna go up through a couple beads and tie off my thread using the end thread bridges here so and this is really delicate because it is they are 15 OC beads so they're very tiny you could also use eleven O's for this just of course be aware that you'll probably have to adjust your pattern and length it probably won't be 16 by 24 so just be aware of that but you can use any kind of beads that you really want and then just kind of I'm gonna sneak my needle in here and go under one of those little thread bridges there there we go make a little loop and tie a little knot you're not even gonna see it there and then I'm just gonna go down through a couple more beads here just into the bead work before I head and trim that off and these are super teensy tiny beads and this is just a great little technique okay so I'm gonna remove my needle take my little snips here and I'm gonna come in and just snip that off there we go so now I'm just gonna tie up the other end and then I will be right back to show you how to make it into a necklace all right so you can see that I have finished my bead weaving here and we have it kind of turns around there and it's a really nice little sleek look so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna very simply add a nun design chain to it so I have two feet of chain here so I'm gonna make a nice long necklace so all you need to do here is find that center link of my chain just make sure my ends are even and then what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take my flush cutters and come in here and just separate that Center link just like so just cut it off so now I have two links of chain so what I want to do first is I'm gonna take a pair of my bent nose pliers and today I'm using jump rings I am using a 5 millimeter 20 gauge jump rings so just kind of giving it a nice little gentle twist opening it up and slipping it on to the chain and I'm gonna slip it on to one of the loops of my necklace and just go ahead and close that guy up we're just gonna repeat on the other side here I love using these bent nose chain nose pliers because they are just really nice and comfortable in the hand and these ones today I'm using they are by the brand tronex alright so very simply there and then of course all we have to do is just go to the other ends of our chain and we're gonna put one jump ring on one side again just attaching it to that last little link there close that up and then to this side we're gonna open another jump ring attach it on to our chain but before we close it we're gonna add on a little lobster clasp and now we're gonna close that jump ring so now we are all set to close up our necklace and it's a nice little chain here just really nice fun and easy and you can just see how each one has its own little style there you can do one where you have a little bit of bead weaving on the outside it makes it a little thicker of a piece or you can have something where you actually see what's inside so this is great it's wonderful for weddings for keepsakes for you know you want to remember that special vacation at the beach you can fill it with sand and it's just a really fun little thing so these are the it sea bottles by Nunn design you can get all of the supplies you see here and even see more tutorial videos by heading over to and hey if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below

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