How to Wrap a Needle Case in Peyote Stitch Bead Weaving

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to create a seamless zipped up join for peyote stitch, allowing you to wrap your needle case in a beautiful custom pattern. You will also learn how you can attach a chain so that you never loose the cap of your case. Use this technique for many items that you want to wrap in bead weaving!
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Hi, this is Kat with allit and this is the smaller version i'm going to show you the larger version here in just a moment but this is the needle case you can store all of your needles this is ideal for like a size 12 10 even a 13 or 15 size needle in here and the little cap it just sort of sits on just like that now I added a little chain to mine just because I am always losing things so I wanted to make sure that I never lost my little cap so he's always attached but this is just sort of an extra step that you don't have to do if you don't want to so what we are going to be doing that needle case here today so all right so let me set that one aside so I've gone ahead and done the main portion of my pattern here so what we're gonna do is we're going to be wrapping our needle case and we're also going to be wrapping that little topper here so before I get started I'm sure one of the main questions you guys are going to have is how big is this pattern and how big is the pattern for the smaller one so let me start by saying I've decided to do an odd count pattern for both of mine here you could do an even count if you're gonna do that I say decrease the number by one bead you can't increase it but you run the risk of kind of getting towards the top and bottom of your needle case so for the smaller one here the piece of peyote that I did for the main body was 28 beads by 31 so it's 31 long and 28 around and this topper here is 5 by of course 28 so down here this one that we're going to be doing for the larger piece is 57 long and 28 and this again is the 5 and 28 so if you're curious about making a pattern that's what I recommend if you like I said if you want to do an even count I would go to 56 and 230 so just to get that out of the way cuz I'm sure you guys are gonna have questions about that alright so let's get into actually making this happen so what we're gonna do is we're gonna end up wrapping our peyote around here but as you can see we don't want it to slip or move around so we're going to be using a little touch of e6000 on the body of our needle case there now one of the things is if you are gonna do the step of attaching that jump ring and a little piece of chain to hold them together you're gonna need to pick out a couple of coordinating colors or you could do contrasting colors as well of the two little beads that are going to sit up top there so we're going to be using four millimeter 22 gauge jump rings and the reason I want you to do this before you start adding that bead is we're gonna open up one of those jump rings there and we're gonna test to make sure that it fits through that little bead because some of the beads do have different cores you know so I just want to make sure that you pick out a good bead that you're not gonna have trouble with because you don't want to go through the whole trouble of trying to attach it and then ending up not being able to get that jump ring through there we go alright so those two beads are gonna be my bead so I'm gonna set those aside there I'm gonna leave my jump ring out and we're gonna take some e6000 here and I've got a couple of toothpicks and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get a pretty decent sized glob on my toothpick there and now what we're gonna do is we're just gonna kind of like run it up and down here you notice that I'm kind of scraping it because you just want to get a little bit of glue all the way around not too much but you just want to get a nice little thin layer because you don't want to do too much because you don't want it poking through those beads but we definitely want to secure our work to this and you can see that I'm actually not e I'm staying pretty in the center I'm not going all the way to the top or the bottom with this just a little bit more there there we go alright close it my glue real fast alright so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna Center it onto our needle and we're just going to start to kind of wrap the peyote around as though we're sort of just rolling up a rug all right and then start pressing together and you want this to be a tight fit which is why I did 28 beads you can see there's a nice little gap but we're gonna close that up but I'm just kind of pushing it together and just rolling it up you can kind of roll it on your work surface as well just to make sure you're getting all those little pockets out of there all right so now what we're gonna do is you can see that it has a nice little zigzag so we're just gonna come over the top and start zigging and zagging but don't forget to add your bead at the top there so just pick up your bead and then immediately go through that first bead that you see right there so it'll sit sort of on top there we go and it should sit above there once we kind of start squeezing everything together so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go across the way and this is sort of what we call zipping up the peyote so you're gonna come over and it's gonna you can start to see now it's gonna sit right there on top as those beads come together so now I'm just gonna go back and forth between each little bead here going down the way and this is sort of almost as if you were going to add a whole extra row of the peyote stitch so you're kind of just picking up those beads in the same order so let me just kind of turn this around there there we go making sure beads sits up nice and tall they're keeping good tension there we go so you can see that they're already starting to seamlessly join up at the top there so I'm gonna keep going all the way down make sure you're not missing any beads here and you have a little bit of time to work with the glue so don't worry about kind of rushing this step too much but I'm gonna keep going here to zip up all the way until we get all the way down to the bottom all right so I'm just getting to the end here and you can see that there's a nice seamless line you almost can't even see where I started and stopped my pattern which is exactly what we're going for here I'm just finishing up the last couple just making sure everybody is nice and happy they're going down through the last one making sure that your thread does not keep going up and over there we go alright so now I'm just gonna kind of smush that together keeping again good tension there and this is my tail so I'm gonna get this one out of the way so the one I'm holding with my two fingers up there that's my tail this is the one with my needle attached so you can see that there's a little gap there in between the two beads so what we're gonna do is we're gonna kind of loop back around and go up through a few beads just to kind of close that gap again we're looking for that sort of seamless look yes you can see just how that closed up really nicely there alright so I'm going to go through another bead here and it's gonna start to get a little tight so just work your needle through don't worry too much about that we just don't want you to crack a bead at this point so now I'm all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna try to work my needle back down towards the bottom edge here so that I can tie a knot and tie it off so like I said you're gonna get a little tight here so we're just gonna find a nice little sweet spot to put our needle through I'm just gonna go down through the bottom to there and I'm gonna catch this little thread Ridge here at the bottom if I can there we go I cut my little thread bridge and I'm just gonna tie a little tiny knot then I'm gonna go back up through a couple more adjacent beads alright so there we go with that one I'm gonna cut this one off and then all I'm gonna do with my other little thread tail is I'm just gonna do the same thing and just kind of work it through a couple of beads tie a little knot and then tie it off alright so I'll do that and then we'll be back and I'll show you how to attach the top and then we're gonna add our chain and we're gonna be all done alright so we're just going to repeat that process using the little thin strip and our topper there so first things first I have my bead all set up and ready to go let me get some little bit of e6000 that actually might be too much but alright and again just kind of put a little bit on there yeah that was a little much alright this one needs even less but we still want to get a nice little coating that goes all the way around there all right so now that we have that done we're gonna do is we're gonna do the same thing here and just kind of wrap it around and you can kind of slide it around just to make sure that it's at the level that you want it and to the bottom so where the opening is here is where we're gonna want to add our little bead so it's the same thing we're just gonna go through wrap around and sew up our little zip here so again just kind of zigs zigzagging back and forth and I'm sorry if my fingers are getting away this is just really intricate work here yeah all right so and then same as before we're just gonna end up tying it off in the same manner all right so the last thing we're gonna do here and you can see that it kind of came together nicely at the end so we're just going to attach our chain to our two little purple beads that we have added now you can add as long as a chain as you want I'm going to use about two two and a half inches here so I'm gonna take again this is a four millimeter 22 gauge jump ring I'm gonna hook it on to my chain and I'm gonna hook it right on to the little bead right there and just come in and close that up and then take another one here and we're gonna just of course attach the other end of that chain to our little topper slide that through there we go and close making sure we get a nice closure there we go alright and you're all done so now you can add your loom needles too this nice long case and keep your topper intact I love these little cases I think they're so fun they make great little gift ideas if you're wanting to give a gift to a beater or even a quilter or a sower so just really fun little things to do be sure to create your own pattern you can head over to b2 Holly comm we offer you a blank piece of paper with the proper grid on it for peyote so be sure to check that out and these full patterns will be available by heading over to

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