How to Make Statement Earrings with Honeycomb 2-Hole Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to bead weave a long statement earring using 2 -hole Honeycomb Beads. A beautiful pattern of opaque and gold splash beads make the eye dance. Finish it off with a tassel for an extra pop of wow!
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Hi, this is Kat with today we're actually going to be doing a really neat little pattern using some of the metallics splash honeycombs so you can see here by my example that we're gonna be making this and these right in the center here are that metallic splash but I wanted to kind of make the eye dance a little bit so I'm using the same opaque orange and then it's version of the metallic splash and then I added just one more of those little beads right up there at the top so you can see that I've kind of laid out my pattern that I'm gonna be focusing on I think it just makes it a little easier instead of trying to like pick up a bead and remember where you're at so I'll explain that in just a moment but to complete this project we're going to be using a little earring post with a closed loop I have my bullet clutch with my guide on the back I have my little tassel that we're gonna be using for that little pop of color I have some extra honeycomb beads and we're gonna be using some Toho 11o galvanized starlight seed beads and a beautiful gold alright so before I get into actually making this I want to talk about a couple of the metallic splashes and a couple of the other finishes that you're gonna see with the honeycomb beads so if I can just draw your attention up here I have some of the metallics splash laid out so we have some really cool black and silver I love the turquoise even we have black and gold now we do have a lot of the coordinating colors that you can do your own here so I've pulled out a few we have a really cool sort of wasabi green which is really neat with the metallic splash and this royal blue isn't it just gorgeous so I love kind of pairing that together so you can of course mix and match you don't have to do the same pattern that I'm doing there's a lot to offer for those metallic splashes now I did make a little version of this so if you wanted a slightly smaller earring although I did add a long chain tassel to it these are the laser etched honey combs so these actually have a really cool sort of little a bead design on them and these are in the matte finish so you can see it here that we do have some in the shiny finish and then we do have some other colors available in the matte finish so really a lot of great little examples here so you have that sort of geometric style here and then we also have a honeycomb on a honeycomb and it's kind of a cool little design you can really see with this jet in the matte finish just how really shimmery that can be so really really beautiful again we have the matte and the shiny finish so there's a lot of opportunity to play around with color and with style and with the shape that you want to go for but I'm just going to show you in this video how to do this exact earring and then if you did want to follow along to do this earring as well you'll see that this is just one of the units here so it's very similar it's just you're gonna make one unit as opposed to building three on top of it alright so I'm going to be using the fireline four pound I'm gonna use the black satin so you guys can see it on my white table here but to create this earring you are gonna want to use the four pound crystal fireline so but I just wanted to use the black so that it shows up nice and easy for you now we're going to be using a size twelve beading needle and again this is the size four pound fireline the reason you want to use something that's four pound as opposed to a six pound is we're going to be doing a lot of passes and a lot of loops with our pattern here so you want to make sure that you can go through these beads several times so I wouldn't go up in size for your thread but the reason that we're gonna do that is not only secure it but to also give it some nice little structures you can see when I pick it up that it does have a little bit of movement to it but we want to make sure that it stays sort of nice and flat as you wear it alright so if you have everything ready let's go ahead and get started all right so we're actually gonna start down here at the bottom and what we're gonna do is we're going to attach our tassel first so I have about eight feet of my fireline here and what I'm gonna do first is I'm actually going to pick up this bead right here going through one of the holes you can see that it has two holes drilled and they go down through the sides there so I'm going to pick this one up and I'm gonna slide it to about halfway down my thread and I'm just finding the halfway point there we go that's about right okay so about halfway on my thread and now I'm gonna pick up three of my gold seed beads here and I'm gonna go through the loop of my tassel I'm gonna pick up three more seed beads and I'm gonna go through this hole here on to my second honeycomb now I'm just gonna slide this all down to the center and this is going to be sort at the bottom of our earring so you can see where that kind of comes together there and this is I'm gonna keep referring to the finished earring that I have because I don't want you guys to get lost all right so it's gonna be these two seed beads that we're working with here all right so now to work with just my right side here I'm gonna go ahead and pick up one seed bead and then pick up that Center honeycomb there I'm gonna go ahead and slide that all the way down and that's gonna kind of fold in just like so when you're working with two whole beads I find it's really helpful to kind of keep just flipping them the way they need to be makes it much much easier for you in the end all right so I'm gonna pick up another seed bead and now I'm gonna pick up the bead that will be the next a lot of two there pick that up and then I'm gonna pick up one more seed bead and I'm gonna pick up my Center bead and this one is a metallic splash alright so again just kind of flip these around here alright and now what I'm gonna do let me just arrange that there we go alright so now I'm gonna go up and over this bead here so that I can come down and complete this first little unit all right so what I'm gonna do now is pick up one seed bead and I'm gonna pick up another honeycomb and slide that down and then I'm gonna pick up another seed bead and I'm actually going to go through that second honeycomb that is right there hmm trying to keep this on the table so that you guys can see it all right here we go yeah let me just kind of Center that so you can see what we're working with there there we go and now I'm gonna pick up one more seed bead and I'm gonna go through the hole that I already have my thread coming out of right there so this is gonna sort of complete the first mid section of that bottom unit and you'll get to see this as I sort of pull it together there we go all right so what I'm missing here is I'm missing my two little side beads I see that there we go so this is my first little unit that I've done I went up and through and back and down around so now we're just gonna go down through again and I'm gonna turn that thread around and we're gonna add those little side beads there so again you're seeing a lot of the black thread in those turnarounds if you use the crystal you won't see that this port especially if you do use the orange beads if you do use another opaque bead I also recommend the crystal I only recommend the satin or the I'm just going all the way back up through here all the way to the top I do recommend using that black set and only if you're gonna use black beads or a dark if you're using like a dark brown or something you can use that as well all right so I've just looped back around and woven all the way up through my little bead here so now what I'm gonna do is make another thread bridge there and go down through that first bead and now I'm gonna add a seed bead add my other honeycomb and add a seed bead and I'm gonna go right down the bead that's just below it there to create that nice little diamond shape all right there we go and now I'm gonna go all the way up through and getting my thread here my needle sorry all the way through that next bead there and what we're gonna do is we are going to go up and over one more time and you can see that I'm just kind of I'm giving it a nice little tug a nice little pull every time I go through just to make sure that we're getting that nice solid structure all right and now we're gonna go all the way down through and we're going to come out this bottom bead here so this is what I mean where there's a lot of turnarounds but that's okay we're gonna want those turnarounds so that we can keep the structure sound so like I said it does seem like a lot of thread passes probably more than what you might think you'd want but this is the second time I've tried this and it actually does make it a little bit stronger in my opinion to do this as opposed to trying to use a thicker thread so take that for what you will but I do know that it is a lot of thread passes all right it's the same thing one seed bead one honeycomb and one seed bead and now we're going back up towards the top all right let me flip that back around there for you all right so now the next thing is we got to get back so that we're coming out of the top so we're going to turn that thread around and I like to go all the way down through the bottom one more time just because we have that tassel just secured like so it's not attached to any jump ring or anything so I like to go through this loop a couple of times I think it just helps strengthen the thread passes down here all right so now we're just gonna take our needle and go all the way back up through and if you can't get your needle through several beads at one time don't worry about it just take the slow approach and just get through as many as you can they start to kind of jig jog and jog so just keep moving that needle up to the top there looks like I'm only gonna catch that one all right so if you were making that shorter earring it would be the same so now you'd be coming at the top and you'd be able to create the little crown that will allow you to add in your your little earring post at the top there alright so that's what we're gonna start with here you can see that there's some embellishments but that's why this tail down here is for we're gonna get to that a little bit later so all you're gonna do is continue to make the next oops looks like I messed up my pattern up there there we go you're just gonna continue to make the next diamonds in the same fashion so I'm gonna do the middle one really quickly here and then when I get to the top one I'm going to show you how to kind of attach the top portion for the earring post and then I'll show you how to do those embellishments really quick alright so I've just added my little metallic splash one up here at the top so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just pick up three of those gold seed beads and this is just gonna help mirror what's happening at the bottom there and I'm gonna go through my little earring post and then I'm going to pick up three more seed beads and sort of continue going down through that metallic splash one so this will be the very top now you could absolutely if you didn't want to do a post earring and you wanted to do let's say a nice hook or something you could do this where you'd attach a closed jump ring here you're not gonna want to use an open jump ring it won't give you the result that you're looking for but you can use a closed jump ring and then use an open jump ring to attach your earring hook but if you use an open jump ring here there's a good chance that it'll kind of slip out and you definitely don't want that to happen alright so I'm just going to continue making a little pattern here just have a few more here so I'm going to continue with this top one and then what I'm going to do is I'll show you how to do that little embellishment real quick then there's a lot of options I just want to kind of point out especially you can see it now here that if you wanted to not do the two little side pieces you can do that big strip that just runs right up the center there and I also wanted a little bit more of an open weave it's actually a good time for me to show you really quick this is the Miss B bracelet and we do have a full video showing you how to do this and this just really kind of runs it up and down you can just see how they sit together I wanted to kind of open it up a little bit so that's why I'm using those seed beads but if you wanted to go for more of this look you can just see how tighter and smaller that could be so that's another option as well a lot of design options with the two whole beads you can kind of play around with them and figure figure out exactly how you want to use them I'm really impressed with them I really like to use the check last two whole beads I think they provide a lot of really fun design opportunities so I'm just adding on my last couple of beads here and this is where you can do the same thing that we did at the bottom there and just keep working it towards the top to go through that loop at the top again so that we can reinforce where our earring post is I'm just going to turn my thread around and this will add on my last bead here you're my last honeycomb bead I should say all right so now you have a couple of options you can still utilize the rest of this thread to add on the little embellishments I do still have my tail happening down here at the bottom you also don't have to add that on if you don't want to these little sort of flourishes on the side but you will notice that sometimes the honeycombs will shift around so the reason that I do this is that so they don't do that quite as much all right so the idea is that we need to get back out to our little side pieces here so I'm gonna use this thread to show you one method and then I'll use the beginning thread to show you kind of a different way to just turn it around if you ever get lost just keep turning that thread around and finding the thread bridge that you want to use all right so we're gonna go all the way down through this Center here pull through and then what I want to do is I want to come back up so that my thread is coming out not the gold bead there but out that honeycomb bead because now what I want to do is I want to add on three seed beads and go out to the side and pull that down and now I'm gonna add another three seed beads and I'm gonna go back through there without catching the first gold seed bead I'm actually going to try to catch that second one up there because now I want to stabilize it and continue turning that thread around and going through the topic all right so now I need to work my way over to the other side and this is what I mean you just kind of keep turning that thread until you can get right where you need it to be and again this is what you want to use that for pound because you're doing a lot of thread passes in there and I know it's looking a little clunky with the black but you can just see how nice it does look with the crystal on the initial example that I had there for you but the black is just so that you can really kind of see what I'm doing hopefully that helps on though on the white mat there all right so now and this is also helping to reinforce it you can see that it's getting a little harder to get my needle through some of these beads but that's actually what you want just make sure that you're not forcing it too much because these are glass beads so they could crack if you really force it force it you also don't want to crack your needle it does happen but you know we're just going for structure you know cuz these are a little little building blocks really all right and you don't want to create a thread bridge that will kind of break apart the beads I'll kind of I'll do my best to maybe show you what that looks like what I'm what I'm talking about all right so now we have this going we're gonna go down through and making sure to not catch that gold bead at the bottom so we're coming out to the side there I'm gonna pick up three seed beads go up three seed beads and go down and now I can catch that gold bead there and continue to move down all right so what I mean by creating a unnecessary thread bridge is to go from this hole to go down through this gold bead here you're gonna have a little bit of an extra gap there and you really don't want that so just keep making sure to turn your thread around in the best way possible so what am I actually gonna do is I'm going to tie off this piece here so I'm gonna just come up through a couple beads I'm gonna take my needle and go through the back come up through and then I'm gonna create a little loop and then just make sure that it ties right in that little notch there so I just tied a little knot there and I'm gonna go up and I'm gonna just do that one more time just for a little added security there and I'm giving it a nice little little tug you can see that it's starting to get a nice little structure to it all right and up through here and pull tight all right so now I'm just gonna come in with my little snips and I'm gonna get really close sorry if my hand is in the way I just want to get as tight as I can all right so that is how to do the little embellishment at the top so now I'm just going to take my needle off and I'm going to attach it to my other end here and you can see that I do have a lot of extra thread here which is what we want to go for all right so if you're using the tail at the bottom here we are coming out of this gold bead here this is actually a good opportunity to go down one more time and now we're just gonna weave our way back through the top and we're ready to begin the same embellishment getting our little tassel out of the way all right and again just add those three seed beads go down three seed beads and go through and what I'm gonna do now instead of working my way over to this other side I'm gonna come up and get this one done first so just go down through here and now I'm gonna turn around on this bead so you can just work your way back up the thread is getting nice and thick in here which is again I said is good so just be careful that you're not getting it too too much there have a little knot in my thread there we go alrighty just go down looping this around to the other side all right so now we're back to our little position here it's the same process adding three seed beads going through our honeycomb three more seed beads and now all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna work my way over do this embellishment and then work my way down do that embellishment and then I'll come back real quick to show you how to just tie off that thread one more time in case you want to see that all right so I'm just adding my last little embellishment there at the bottom I'm gonna go through create another little thread bridge and then we are ready to tie off our thread so again just go behind your work come up with your needle and then as you get closer there you'll see the little loop form just go ahead and pull your thread through and just make sure your knots it's right into the little space and then just go ahead and go down through another bead or so I think I'm just gonna go through that seed bead there pull tight make sure my work is nice and strong which we've done a lot of thread passes so it should be and then we're just gonna come in with our little snips get nice and close and snip it off all right so I know it seems like a lot of work but what's really nice is the result is gorgeous and it kind of has that nice open weave to it it has a nice structured look so it does have a little bit of movement to it but it is actually really really nice so you can see a little bit more on the black so you can see how all those thread bridges sort of appear if you use the black thread but on this one the crystal you really don't see that at all which is kind of what I was trying to impress upon you I know I wanted to use the black so that you could see it but this adds a little bit of embellishment you can play around with the colors with the laser edge to it the metallic splash but it really makes for a beautiful fun design so go ahead and attach your earring back and you are all good to go I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all the supplies by heading over to and be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique you

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