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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com i'm cuffs this is in the same line and it's gonna be a little bit different though in our technique alright so I just want to kind of point out to you a couple of the little projects that I've been working on so far and then I'm gonna recreate one of those here for you alright so up here if I could just draw your attention to these beautiful little feathers these are really gorgeous and you can see that I just did one single color in a nice little line that goes right up the center now these work best with the Miyuki Delica 11 Oh size seed beads and what I want to point out to you here is hopefully you'll be able to see this here is that I used the gold thread this is an emo size D as in Delta so this is a gold thread and I use the gold because I wanted to match the color of the metal now you could use gray with the silver as I've done here in this example and this just sort of hides that little thread so you can see that there's those little tiny holes on the side and then there's two holes at the top now you might actually get a chance to see that a little bit better here on the gold one that does not have any beads on it so again you have those two smaller holes on the side and in those two larger holes and that's where we're gonna add some four millimeter 22 gauge jump rings to a finished chain that we're gonna cut in half but I do want to show you how to actually add those beads there so what I've done and the other example is I use a solid color but I wanted to use one of the Miyuki Delica mixes and sort of pull out my beads to make a little sort of hombre effect now for the feathers it is 18 beads from top to bottom but for these bars you're gonna fill it with 23 beads now that might be a little hard to sort of divide so I have five colors here and I've already chosen five four five four and five to give me that 23 beads so well it's not an even number so you do have to play around with how you want your sort of style to be now of course you can do this one color but I chose to try to break out one of our mixes and you can see how few beads you use and how many beads you do get with the tube so I'd wanted to kind of save you guys a little bit of money and have you not buy five different tubes of beads but this is a great thing if you do have some leftover miyuki delicas and let's say you have 23 and you don't know what to do with them this is a great little project to use up those seed beads and to create a brand new piece of jewelry alright so I was talking that you could use the silver or the gold Nimmo but for this one I want to use it as a design element so I'm actually gonna use some green Nemo and again this is size D alright so those are the ingredients that we're gonna be using today for tools I'm gonna be using a little bead stopper here this is a nice little sort of spring action stopper and then I have a pair of snips oh you could also use scissors as well but I like the snips because it'll allow me to get really nice and close there so I don't have any tails and then when we go to make our necklace here I'm gonna need a pair of flush cutters a pair of chain nose pliers and I'm going to be using some bent nose pliers as well just to help me with those jump rings and the last thing we're gonna need is a size twelve beading needle so I've already gone ahead and threaded mine here now I have about thirty inches which is more than what you're gonna need but I like to work with a little bit extra just because it'll help me get back and forth alright so if you are ready to go we are ready to begin so about six to eight inches or so from one end I'm gonna actually attach that bead stopper to my thread and that's gonna help weigh it down there and then I'm gonna take my little pendant and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come up through the small hole there and thread that all the way down towards the end alright and now we're gonna pick up our beads so I have these beautiful emerald beads so I'm gonna pick up five of those and I have four of this sort of kelly green and then I'm moving to five of a little olive transparent here and these ones are a little bit more yellow and they have a little bit of a shimmer to them so they're going to be a little opaque and then I have five of these transparent little sort of spring green so that is what my beadwork is gonna look like so I'm gonna go ahead and just slide that all the way down here and what's gonna happen is it's gonna start to just sort of lay in the center there just like so now I just want to double check and make sure that I have the right number of beads yep twenty-three you can see how snugly they look there so I came out the top here with my beads so all I need to do is go through the other small hole on the other side there and I'm gonna pull my thread all the way through and watch my beads sort of fit in there now if you look at the side profile here you can see that those beads are a little high and they're sitting up there and that's because we need to sort of secure them so that they stay in the center of that pendant so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna flip it over and just sort of with my finger I'm just gonna press them up and through and now the tricky part is you just kind of want to get your needle to go back through all of those beads so don't worry about your tension too much right now we're gonna kind of tighten everything up here in just a moment but all I'm doing is sort of getting that needle through all those beads one more time and making sure that they all stay on the back there and now I'm just gonna pull that through and now my beads are more in the center and it looks like I missed a bead there so I'm just gonna go back through and grab that last bead there we go make sure you have all of them it's just kind of like doing loom work you don't want to drop a bead alright so now I have my thread coming out here from my bead stopper and my other thread right here from the top so you can kind of see I just pulled it up for there for you alright so let's pull that together and now what we're gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of turn the whole thing around and I'm gonna go back through that whole process so I'm gonna go back down and now I'm gonna come out the other side here and I'm gonna run my thread all the way back through one more time but what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna get about halfway through or so just kind of come out with my needle again just give me a good tension there I'm just gonna go down behind and I'm gonna tie a little knot there and just making a little loop and make sure that you're not goes right in between the place where your thread is coming up so this is just a quick little loop not just to add some tension there that'll help kind of tighten everything up so that's our first little knot that we've made and now go ahead and just take your needle and just get it back into your beads you might need to sort of keep them out to the side there there we go now go all the way back through making sure to come out on top and it looks like I gotta do just one more little pass there just to make sure I get through those last two all right and again go down through that first little hole there and we're gonna flip it over to the back side and run our needle through one more time and you just got to work through all the little beads here and the reason I like to do this is just to give it that extra little tension because the more you go through the beads the more thread is going to be in there and that'll actually help keep your keep your beads nice and tight there so that way they won't sort of move or jig jog around alright and then I'm just going back through those last few beads there and coming out the back all right here we go and now what we're gonna do is I'm gonna remove my bead stopper here on this side I'm gonna take that needle off and I'm gonna go through and thread it onto my other side here and what I'm gonna do is just go back actually I'm gonna be easier to come down this way just go back through a couple of beads there getting about halfway the tough part is that you just kind of got a wiggle your needle down through there and just find the right spot where it wants to come out for you there you go all right so now we're going to trim off our little threads here so we have one on this side and then one on the other side there there we go so now our little piece is finished so very less little thing here just go ahead and find the center link in your finished chain and we are going to just use our little flush cutters there to cut that chain in half there we go and then we're gonna take our little pliers here open up one of those jump rings giving it a little gentle twist go ahead and loop it onto that chain first it'll probably make it easier for you go looping it on to our little pendant closing that up we can't share we have a nice good closure and again we'll just repeat and open up another jump ring onto the other side and this is a really fun a little easy way to use up any seed beads you might already have to use a fun little mix or to just kind of create something that's all brand new this is great for team colors this is great for sort of that hombre style and another thing is to use it to do that beautiful stacking and layering style that we're still seeing out there in the fashion trends all right I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more videos by heading over to beadaholique.com

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