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Hi, this is Kat with today that are specific to this project I have a euro punch and this is the 1.25 millimeter round hole punch I have some wire straightening pliers I have a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters I also have a pen that I'm going to be using to mark my leather so here I have the create wrecklessly faux leather and I just have a little sample strip here for you I'm going to be using some of the gemstone amethyst Nuggets and the artistic wire in a 24 gauge so onto the leather here as you can see in my project that I've made is it looks really seamless and it looks like it just sort of is wire wrapped on there so this is the technique I'm going to show you so it's actually quite easy what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna flip over my leather because you can actually mark up the side especially in this example because I backed it and put it on a cuff so you're not gonna see any of these marks so I'm just gonna pick up you know I'm gonna take the big one here I think it'll be easier for everyone to see so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna line it up where I want it on my leather and know that it will actually be on this leather when we go to wire wrap it or this side of the leather so all I'm gonna do is this is a bead so it has a top drilled and a bottom hole so I'm just gonna kind of make a little mark with my pen it doesn't have to be anything too fancy and I'm gonna mark just above and just below where that hole is and now to the sides I'm gonna do a sort of marking that almost makes it seem underneath and I'll lift the bead in a second so you can see this so makes it seem almost like it's going underneath that bead so you'll want to kind of get your pen in there and angle it down because you don't want the wire to go out you want it to kind of come in behind that bead that you've chosen so I've sort of made I'm actually gonna kind of move this down a little sort of made a little circle and because this is a nugget you can see that it's a little oddly shaped so it might not be as sort of that perfect circle but what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to take my hole punch pliers and I recommend that you punch from this side but what you can do is you can actually see that there's a little tiny opening there for you to line up your hole so that you're punching in the right place so now I'm just going to go through and I'm just going to punch through the leather on those little holes that I indicated and I'm just going to kind of go all the way around if you're using a larger gauge wire you can actually just go ahead and use a larger hole punch but so this is the front of my leather now I sort of have created nice little holes for my wire wrapping to go right down into so now that I have my leather prepared I'm going to take that 24 gauge wire and I'm gonna use about mm about ten inches to a foot feel free to use as much or as little as you like I always err on the side of safety and I always like to just use a little bit of extra because you can clip the excess later set that aside and I'm just gonna straighten out my piece here just a little bit just to make it easier to work with okay so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna string on my gemstone and bring it to about the center of whatever that piece of length that you have is and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna poke the wire through the bottom hole and through that top hole there and just sort of pull that and just sort of work with your wire as though it is a string so you just kind of work it with your fingers so that it now sits on to that piece of leather so now just take that wire and you can either cross it over in a pattern if you like or you can kind of do a messy wire wrap so I'm just gonna feed this back down through and you know I'm just gonna crisscross this one over here alright let me get that more on the table see y'all can see okay there go so now I have my leather poking through here and you see like I have little sort of hanging there we go can't get that out of the way from the whole bunch just kind of clip that off being careful not to clip that leather I'm perfectionist so I'm just trying to clean this up there we go okay that makes me happier so now I have the leather coming through the front as you can see and now I'm just going to kind of wrap around and this one I'm going to put through this hole and thread it down so it kind of traps that gemstone and this one I'm just going to wrap across to create a kind of neat effect and down and you can sort of continue to wrap as you like so now I'm gonna go back up through this hole and around through that one to just sort of complete that and again just continue sort of just working it with your fingers you can get your pliers in here just be really careful that you don't scratch up your gemstone whatever you do so I kind of like the way that sort of looks so I'm actually gonna finish up on this one so this is the back of my wire wrapping and again it'll be all hidden when you attach it to a cuff so all I'm gonna do now is I'm just going to kind of take those tails of that wire crisscross it over and do just a little twist you don't want to do too much because you want it to lay as flat as possible behind whatever piece you're working on so I'm just going to clip it off so again it'll it'll be behind a piece so you don't need to worry about that wire sort of coming out but if you want you can just kind of give it a nice little twist and sort of just tuck those ends in and just sort of flatten that out with the sort of side of your plier so that it is fairly flush and it's all nice and smooth so there it is it's really easy you guys can do this on many of the gemstones or beads or whatever you like you can do multiple on one which I think would actually look really neat but again here's just my example and so you can see sort of the finished product and see how neat it kind of looks alright well I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I will see you for our next video at you

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