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Hi, this is Kat with make yours neater but I wanted to go with the kind of messy look just because the Dru Z's are kind of organic and they're just really fun so each piece is going to be unique as it is so I'm gonna be showing you kind of how to bind at the sides there and to do a nice little wire up to make a lovely little earring you can also use this same technique with any of the beads that I have here you can also do it to make a nice little pendant necklace using one of the square beads or you can also do something with the oval beads as well so it is going to be the same technique so these I just brought out a few different colors here just so you can kind of see your options and today I'm going to be using the artistic wire in the 26 gauge here now you can also use a different color you can use a silver you can use many of the other colors that we have here we have some beautiful rose gold as well so I just wanted to pull out the 26 gauge wire it's what I feel is the most substantial for this and also we're gonna be going through the little tiny hole there at the bottom twice with our wire so we definitely want to use something that is a little bit of a thinner gauge alright so to complete this you're going to need two tools and today I'm going to be using the Tronics flush cutters and the tronex round nose pliers alright so if you're all set to go let's go ahead and grab our ruler so we can start measuring our wire so to complete one little pendant here I'm just gonna move some of these guys out of the way so you can really see what I'm working on here alright so for this little guy here I am going to need about 12 inches of wire but I always like to extend mine to about 15 just in case because you can always use a little bit extra and just sort of trim it off now you'll notice that most of the time when I do while you're wrapping I'll use wire straightening pliers but today since we're gonna go for a little organic look I'm not too worried about it all right so the first thing we're gonna do is take our wire and go through that bottom hole there and I want to leave about two inches or so up at the top here and next I'm just gonna kind of hold that in place and I'm gonna wrap one side tightly around that sort of bottom corner there and just wrap it up and over the top and down the side so I'm going all the way around that bead so you can kind of see that it's kinking for me which is perfect because I want to kind of gauge where that is all right so I've gone around once and now I'm gonna go around that first side one more time coming up to the top and now what I want to do is I want to take my longer end and we're gonna put it right down through that top hole there and just kind of thread it down you can see that I'm going through so let me kind of separate this here for you so what I've done is I have my two-inch sticking out on this side here and this is my longer side going all the way down through the bottom you can see it's already poking out but what I wanted to do is sort of trap that first wrap in there so now I'm just gonna pull that all the way through and just kind of give it a nice little tug and now I can kind of move things around just a little bit alright and get things nice and sharp there and you can see I'm just kind of playing with it with my fingers you can use tools if you like but again we're going for that sort of organic little look there so I don't want to get too crazy alright so there we are so now what I'm gonna do is sort of match it on this other side so now I'm gonna go around this way and I'm gonna come to the top and I'm going to wrap around the wire sticking out and I'm going to around the side again so now I have three reps on the side you can kind of push those together you can just see I'm just using my fingers and just gonna wrap one more time and now we're gonna wrap around the top and now we're just gonna keep wrapping there we go and again I'm just kind of getting that wire so that it's nice and neat and it's close to my bead there you can just kind of see how I'm doing it but not too neat because we just want to establish a little fun little base here so don't worry about getting it too close there we go and we'll just do another wrap alright so now I have that sticking out and what I want to do is I want to take my drusy and kind of flip it over and make sure that this wire comes to the bottom right there and I'm gonna get in there with my flush cutters and just trim it off and I'm gonna take my round nose pliers and just kind of tuck that underneath there we go alright now flipping back to the front I'm just gonna hold my round nose pliers right up against the nest that I already kind of created with my other wire there and now I'm just gonna bend it backwards just a little bit wrap it over the top to create a nice little loop and now all I'm gonna do is just create a wrapped wire loop but we're gonna go again with for that messy sort of look alright and you can kind of hold that loop with your pliers there and just kind of bring it around and again focusing on bringing that tail back to the back and I'm just gonna use my pliers to kind of make sure that it really gets in there and then I'm just gonna tuck it underneath and if it ends up being a little too long you can just get in there with your flush cutters and trim that off but mine actually it looks pretty good so we're just gonna tuck it under there we go and now we have our little pendant for our earring so if you're using the sort of kidney your wire here what she can do is just sort of go up and over and string it on and now you have a fun little organic earring so that is how easy it is it's so fun and so simple and each piece is gonna really be unique so even in a matched pair of earrings you can see that the jerseys come in pairs here but even my two jerseys here are unique in and of themselves so having a nice messy wire wrap is perfect and what I did here is I did three wraps you can also do more you can do four if you like so lots of fun options so have fun creating some beautiful wire wrapped drusy pendants I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and even more videos by going to you

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