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Hi, this is Kat with and hooks that you'll see you'll see that sort of bigger side there in the small side there and it's you know it's okay and it's nice and it works and you can recreate this just very easily as well but what i'm going to be doing this video is showing you some little embellishments to make a little bit more of a very pretty and sort of coiled s hook now this is actually some similar to a clasp style that you'll see so I did one that was a little closer to something that you might be more familiar with in terms of jewelry making but this one we're just going to use an elongated section here to create a beautiful little ornament hook I also have some examples here without the extra loop at the bottom I have another one that's a little bit closer so it's gonna be similar to this type of style here but again this is just the same technique it's just all about how much wire you're gonna leave in between and then I also did some here with some beautiful Czech glass beads now you could also use Swarovski crystals if you're giving a gift this would be sort of a lovely way to present that and then if you have some of those big beautiful ornaments we have something a little bit more fancy there with a much bigger dowel and then I have all these out here that I brought together and this is going to use that artistic wire and that is 18 gauge so I'm gonna show you a very simple technique and you'll be able to kind of make all of these on your own so for tools and for materials what I have today is I'm gonna be using an 18 gauge vintage para wire now this is a solid brass wire so it's gonna be nice and strong so you want to be careful of you know we all have ornaments that are a little heavier and some that are a little bit lighter this should do well with some of those heavy ornaments but I am going to show you how to work harden these loops so that you actually can really kind of tug on them and that they're gonna be nice and secure on your tree because nobody likes broken ornaments alright so I do have my wire whackers here and I'm going to show you to use that that's gonna help us with our work hardening I have the Webber's bail making pliers now I have the size that is the 9 millimeter and seven millimeter here so I'm gonna be using these for most of my loops today and then I also have a pair of flush cutters a pair of round nose pliers a pair of chain nose pliers I have some wire straightening pliers that are nylon jaw tipped and then I have my wire whacker tool here that I'm gonna be using so a nice little brass hammer and then I have a little ruler so if you have all of your materials let's go ahead and get started so I'm gonna start by taking about six inches off of my wire here now this is a little trick I like to do I kind of like to uncoil my wire and keep it on the coil before I cut it and now I'm just gonna take my nylon jaw pliers and just kind of straighten that out and just pull it and you don't want to do this too much cuz this is generally work hardening that wire but I definitely want something nice and straight to start off with alright so I'm just gonna kind of run my pliers along there about twice that should be good all right now I'm gonna use about five and a half inches or so of wire now again like I've been saying you can sort of make these to your own specifications if you have a tree that you know has really big fluffy branches you might want to consider doing a little bit wider or whatever you want to do but I always recommend starting out with more wire than you think you're going to need because it's easier to cut than otherwise you wasted the whole piece alright so I have my lengths of wire here and all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my round nose pliers there and I'm just gonna grip about half a little less than halfway down my pliers because that's about the size of loop that I want and I'm just gonna bend it in just by curving it until it gently touches the wire there so this is what I have on one side here all right so now I'm gonna take those bail making pliers and I'm gonna set it in so that that loop sort of sits right on top there so you can kind of see how that's just sitting right there and this is the largest side on this side so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my wire gripping the pliers tightly I'm gonna bend it around to make that first s loop all right so this is what we have now so far you can see that mine's a little out of whack so I'm just gonna kind of just gently press it with my fingers but don't worry we're gonna flatten the whole thing so don't get too caught up in how it looks right now all right so now what I want to do is and I'm thinking this piece might be a little bit too long because what we're trying to achieve here and let me just kind of put this down so you can see we're gonna try to achieve that length so that it curls back up and around so you can see that mine is a little bit too long to get that sort of look so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna trim off maybe maybe about an inch or so and I'm gonna set my little aside alright so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to this side of the wire here taking my round nose pliers again and about that same distance now you can mark your pliers if you're gonna be making a lot of these that way you stay nice and consistent alright so now I have my wire gripped and I'm going to make another simple wire loop here and just bring that in again until it just gently touches so now I have my loops here and my loop coming in here so now I'm just gonna repeat that process that I did on that first side just making sure that my s clasp and my hook is going to go the other way around so all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna now curve my wire and gently press it up and over and give it a nice little squeeze there and there we go there is my beautiful little long ornament hook now you can see from the side version that mine is a little wonky so the way we gonna fix that is I'm gonna take my wire whacker plates here and place it down in there place the other one on top now you can use your hand to whack it if you want but because these are so small and I want to get really nice and concentrated what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna place my hand on top take my hammer here and just gently whack it a few times all right now let's check that out all right so it curved a little bit so I'm gonna go back in just give it another couple of whacks I'm gonna flipped it over all right I'll just do it I'll show you the other one as well here there we go all right so now that is nice and stiff all right so now I can still kind of bend it into place there and just move it around just with my fingers but we're getting a nice pull on these where it's not too tight but it's actually just a very nice little hardening now if you don't have your wire whacker tools and you don't have a hammer you can always use your nylon jaw tip pliers and just kind of go along and just sort of squeeze the wire and this does that same thing just takes a little bit more time but it is that same sort of work hardening feel that you're gonna get and this is just gonna help that be nice and stiff to hold your ornaments all right so that is the nice little easy part to do there so now I'm gonna show you how you can do it where you're adding a bead and I'm actually going to show you a single bead here and I'm gonna use this really fun artistic wire all right so again I'm just gonna take off about about five inches or so this one's gonna be a little bit smaller there we go all right and again just kind of same same idea just go ahead and straighten that wire out now this one is colored so you definitely want to be a little bit more careful with it you don't want to Mar this wire at all go ahead and set that aside all right so same technique here I'm gonna go ahead and set that into our round nose pliers give it a nice little gentle twist around kind of guide it okay place it into our bail making pliers around the large size which again is that nine millimeter size there we go alright so now that I have my wire coming out like this what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take that chain nose plier and I'm just gonna give it I'm just gonna give it a nice little bend so just about just under the loop there and I'm just gonna bend it just ever so slightly to create almost like a little teardrop shape there so now I'm going to string on a bead here there we go so that'll keep it sort of from going all the way down and kind of sitting down there so that's sort of why you want to do that particular move all right so now I'm gonna take my other pliers or my chain nose pliers again and just kind of kink it out a little bit to the other side so again it kind of just traps it on that wire alright and now what I'm gonna do before I make that final little loop this is gonna be my opportunity to create that second loop there trying to move my move my bail making pliers you guys can really see what's gonna happen here alright so now I'm gonna bend it around this way and I'm gonna kind of cross it over just a little bit so I can get a little bit more of that Bend there we go alright so now I can come down here and trim my wire and to finish this off because the sizing on this is a little less forgiving because you have that bead there what I'm gonna do now is now I'm gonna bend in my little loop here there we go all right so now I'm just gonna kind of get him back into shape there and fix him up and clean him up there we go all right so that is another way to do an ornament hook and just to kind of you know this is a great opportunity to again just kind of continue at work hardening that you can do here now obviously you can't put this in the plates because of the bead that's in there but I definitely recommend to work hardening it and just kind of shaping it just a little bit with my fingers because I know on my tree my branches are a little bit thinner so I want to make sure that he's gonna fit nice and snug on there and I know generally people with you know these types of aluminum hooks they tend to get them on the tree and then kind of bend them in and you can definitely do that but just know that eventually the wire will wear out so you just want to be careful with how often you really do that so that is how you can make your own ornament hooks and you can have just a lot of fun embellishing them we have lots of fun colors of the artistic wire but I just love this green because adding a little bead to it could add a little sparkle to your tree and the green wire won't even show and that's just really kind of a fun little thing to do for the holidays so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to hit the subscribe button below and of course you can get all of these supplies and learn even more tutorials at

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