How to Wire Wrap Micro Spacer Beads onto an Open Frame Pendant

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video learn how to wire wrap faceted Czech Glass micro spacer beads onto an Nunn Design open frame pendant. Also learn how to take a premade finished chain necklace, cut it in half, and attach it to either side of the pendant. There are several techniques featured in this video that are great time savers that can be applied to a host of jewelry making applications.
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happiness is julie with in micro spacers a pretty Nunn design open frame pendant and then a chain as well so what we've got are a lot of these little pretty faceted micro spacers to choose from in all different colors you really can pick whichever one you like and then there we're going to use a couple little jewelry making tricks to complete this necklace which is fun too so instead of having a cut length of chain we're actually going to be using a finished chain necklace that we cut in half so that saves having to actually add a clasp because it already will be on there and then I really love this chain and it does feature something that you run across quite a bit with pre-made chain necklaces which is these little tiny links which are very hard to get a jump ring through so instead of trying to struggle and get a sign jump ring through it we're going to be able to link the chain to the open frame pendant by making these wrapped wire loops out of the same wire that we're going to be wire wrapping our faceted micro spacers onto the pendant with so that's a great little jewelry making trick if you have a chain that you cannot get a jump ring through so let's begin by picking out which of these pretty beads we want to use so I'm going to use the gold color here and so I can just go ahead and look at the different ones see which might look good and what I was thinking is everyone do a mixed metal looks I think I'm going to take these guys right here and you can see they're really pretty little facets and I measure two by three millimeters so very nice size now I also have a choice to make for the wire I pulled a couple different ones so this is a tarnish resistant brass and then this is a gold color so you see the brass one is brassier it does match the chain a little bit better and then this gold color one seems to match the pendant a little bit better I think I'm going to go with the brass one on this particular project that's fun to have a choice now in terms of the tulle so I'm going to use I'm going to need a pair of wire looping pliers if you don't have wire looping pliers you can use round nose pliers chain nose pliers and a cutter and like I mentioned before we're not going to be using any jump rings in this project which is fun begin by cutting a length of wire so about 12 inches long go ahead and loop that and if I have a little kink right here sometimes just like to cut that off to start with so holding my wire with my thumb and pressing against my pendant and I love it that the open frame is going to be really a lot easier to do I'm going to make about five loops I'm just holding it and wrapping we've got it looking like that right now let's get that down just a little bit and now I'm going to wire wrap onto my pendant these little micro spacers I'm just going to pick one up with the piece of wire let it slide down and rest against the base of the open front pendant I'm going to actually hold it and then loop my wire up through the middle back down around and I'm going to actually do one more loop so it's nice and secure and that's what we've got so far now repeat and I could actually even use the silver color wire that would have been pretty as well so you can really play with this design you could also started the beadwork right up here too okay and each time I am making that extra loop around just to hold the bead in place okay I'm going to add one more and then I'm going to make five more loops around it to secure it to the other end okay so there go around again so make sure that you like what you've got and now I'm just going to go around the outside again there we go okay and then I want to bring the wire to the back side and I'm going to trim it I'm going to do the same on this one let's see you can do one more loop right here and I want to bring it to the back side and trim it now I'm going to take my chain nose plier and just press that rough wire end down into the other wires and also so it's right up against the actual open frame pendant we don't want it snagging your clothing or anything so you want to make sure that's nice and secure you can use your pliers if you need to tighten your loops to there we go we've got that wire wrapping done so now to add our chain you're going to take your chain by the clasp hold it pull it all the way down so you can find the midway point once you've got the midway point simply slip it so you're just going to get into the middle there and cut you can separate it out so you've got the two halves and now we're going to take some more wire so in this case you only need about four or five inches of wire now we're going to start by making a loop so I've grasped the wire with about one inch sticking out of the top and the remaining tail out the base between the two noses of the plier holding it in place I'm going to squeeze you see it helped to curve it right there and then I'm just going to fold that wire over rotate my pliers to the top and create the loop so we've got a nice little loop right there now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the end chain link of my cut chain and thread it through there like so so that's secure now if we were to just snip the loop right here I would worry about this chain coming out also because we are using a fine 26 gauge artistic wire so this um the soft wire so I like to do wrapped wire loops whenever I use it so I'm going to do is I'm going to grasp that loop right like so as we chain nose pliers and make a couple wraps you don't need many just a few will be fine there we go and trim that wire and now we're going to go ahead and string on a bead and now we're going to make another loop that's going to secure to this hole right here now I'm going to make this loop a little bit bigger and to do that I'm just going to move the wire along the nose closer to the handles because you see this is tapered to get a smaller loop the further out you are and the closer to the handles is going to be the bigger loop so I kind of want to go most Midway and you see I'm grabbing it just above the bead just a little far maybe like that push it down over it rotate and complete your loop so you see that is bigger kind of go ahead string this guy on have him slide down into our little loop grab it and make your raps and in this case I want to wrap it so that that little neck or whatever you want to call it of wire is covered this might take a few extra loops top one was about two this one might be more like three trim and then go back with your chain nose and tuck in that tail I'm just doing that by squeezing you could go ahead and do that for the other side too all right one side is done go ahead and do the other side and then my necklace will be complete so you can also start from the opposite end you can start by securing it to this side first I'll show you that technique the same exact thing you just start with the bigger loop first flip it on craftsman because I know I did about three loops on the other side for this bigger one that attached to the actual pendant and do not three loops here so they look nice and even trim that tail string on a bead scoot it down to the base and this one can be a smaller loop so we grabbed it right above the bead rotate pull that wire around before you do your loops sure you put the little chain link in here scoot pull to the middle so it's trapped we are so close to being done and then just do your wraps trim it and drop your pliers if you're a jewelry maker I'm sure you've done that numerous times I know I haven't just thankful this is on a table so many beads are all still here tuck that tail check the other one that it's tucked and then let's see what we've got so here is our finished necklace and I put it side-by-side by the other finished one there we go quick easy and really pretty you can find all the supplies seen here as well as many others at and if you like this video please do subscribe to our You Tube channel thanks so much you

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