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Hi this Megan with and I'm going to show you How to Bead Weave a basic Beaded Bezel onto a Swarovski rivoli and this an embellished beaded bezel on this necklace here and I'm gonna show you how to embellish your bezel and in another video. In this video we're gonna learn how to do just the basic bezel so that you can use to mount the rivoli what you're going to need is a rivoli. I'm using a sixteen millimeter Swarovski crystal rivoli in just crystal it's pretty the way that it picks up the colors of the beads the plain crystal color and then you're going to need seed beads in two different sizes I'm using 11/0s and 15/0s and I'm using two colors of the smaller size then you're going to need some beading thread. I'm using fireline in the .006inch size I'm using size twelve beading needle and then you'll need to add scissors and a Thread Zapper is really handy for cutting thread so go ahead and start by threading your needle with a length of the fireline about as much as you can deal with comfortably. I like to work with about six feet at a time now what we're gonna do to start the bezel is we're going to do this in a even count tubular peyote stitch you'll need as many of the larger beads around as it takes to fit around your rivoli so for the sixteen millimeter and the size 11/0 toho seed beads it's thirty six beads around but you can experiment if you're using a different size go ahead and put thirty six seed beads on your needle I put on 36 seed beads and pulled down to the end and you want to leave yourself a six to eight inch tail you can go back and weave the thread in later go back through your first bead and make a little loop and you can see that the loop when you tighten it should be about the right size to lay your rivoli right inside and now I'm going to this is actually rows one and two. The way that it works with the tubular peyote stitch it'll get offset when you weave in. So we're gonna start row three by getting one bead skipping the next bead on the string and going into the third and then pop that up. It will lay if you let it so you want to go ahead and start making it more like a tube and you just work the whole row by picking up a bead skipping the next bead and going through the one after it and when you get ready to put in the last bead you go in and up also through the next bead and that will take you up to do the next row you can tighten this up a little bit to make sure everything's laying nice and flat too once you get it on the rivoli it'll also be easier to tighten it now you have three rows of the tubular peyote with the 11/0 and now we're going to do two rows with the 15/0 and it's going to be smaller because of the smaller size it's gonna pull it in a little bit so you're gonna do exactly the same thing but you're gonna put 15/0 bead in between each of the bead from the last row and again on that last bead go through two to come up into the next row now that you have the row of smaller seed beads you can see when you pull that tight it's gonna start create a little bit of a lip then you're going to do one more row of the size 15/0 beads on this side to help bring that in a little bit further to give the back of your bezel a nice strong foundation and on this row when you put your last bead in instead of going back up to make another row that way were going to work to the other side so that we can make a row on the other edge so go ahead and go through the next bead and then go right in a line diagonally to come out through one of the beads that's in the first there pull nice and tight push in your rows of 15/0 beads and pull tight at this point we're going to set our rivoli into our bezel the shape will stay nicer once we're all done with the rest too if it wiggles around a little bit don't worry about it too much at this point just make sure that your stitches are eight go through and tighten them up now we're going to do arrow of 15/0s on this side and make sure that you hold your rivoli in place as you work keep your tail out of your way too so it doesn't get tangled up in there so you're going to do two rows of the 15/0s on this side just like you did on the other side. Pull them nice and tight and when you're done with your two rows of 15/0s go right up into the next row and pull that really tight be gentles so you don't snap your thread pull your thread tight and then you can kind of get it evened out a little bit then you're just going to go through and add one more rows of 15/0s to the front it will help secure it and it adds a really pretty decorative touch and you go back through for the last bead pull nice and snug then you're just going to tie off your threads and weave in the ends we have a video on how to do that if you're not sure how to do that and that is your Basic Beaded Bezel and you can bead weave onto that to embellish it I'm going to do another video that shows you how to do an embellishment like this with this kind of starburst decoration where you can leave it plain but it's a really pretty way to connect your rivolis together or onto a piece of jewelry

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