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Hi, this is Julie with today I'm going to show you how to transform a a piece of filigree, I have a filigree barrette right here, into a more elegant accessary just by simply bead weaving a delicate picot edge along the outside of the filigree. This is very easy to do. You're going to a needle and some thread. I have a size twelve needle. I've chosen a little bit thicker thread than what I would normally use. This is a point .008 wildfire. It's a little thicker because I wanted the added reinforcement along the filigree edge incase of there are any sharp edges I din't want a really thin thread that might shred or break. And then when I'm all done I'm just going to use my thread zapper to cut my thread. I've chosen a cute little bead mix right here. My czech bead mix has some great colors. And they're size 11/0. To begin all I'm going to do is take the tail end of my made tread that doesn't have a needle on it. I cut myself about four feet of thread for this particular project. I'm going to slip the tail end of the thread through an edge open work hole in the filigree. I'm going to pull it through so I have about eight inches and then I'm simply going to tie an overhand knot pull down and then I'm going to go ahead and tie a double knot. Actually a surgeons knot. I'm going through once and I go through twice and pull tight and that is on there secure I'm going to leave my tail because when I'm all done I want to weave this back into my bead weaving. So to start and I actually do a little bit better working from left to right because I am right handed so even though I see the back of the filigree here that's fine it's not going to effect how my end result looks. I'm going to start by picking up three of my beads onto my beading needle pull them all the way down to that knot you've created. Now going from the back side I'm going to go through that open work hole and pull. I'm using my finger to go ahead and keep those up top. Now I'm just going to take my needle and go back through my third bead. I'm going to pull snug. So there's my first little picot edge. Now instead of adding three more beads I'm just going to add two because I already got my first bead on there. Go ahead and picked up two more beads, pull those all the way down again I'm going to go from the backside and under and through an open work hole. You can do this for any type of filigree this just happens to be the one I'm doing for this project. This little barrette. The same process will apply for any of them. So again that last bead I strung I want to go back up and through and I'm going to pull tight. Now you can see it jumped up a little bit here, I'm just gonna go with the flow, I'm not going to worry about that for two more beads pull them down again going under using your finger to keep those beads on the top side and go up through the last bead you strung and you're going to do this all the way along the entire edge. When you get to it, if you do have a project like this where you have a point you can't keep going along the edge. See right here I left that that little tip right there exposed so obviously you will have beaded all the way up here what you are going is you're just gonna run your tread remember this is not going to be just this thread right here, you got bead weave. I just want to emphasize this I'm just doing this to show you. So you're thread will come out through here. You're going add three beads to start this new row. You're going to do it the same way we did over here where then once you had added those first three beads that gave you your starter bead for your next sequence so then you would add two beads and keep going all the way along the edge until you come back here cross under and then just connect with your original beadwork. Go ahead weave your thread in and out the first couple ones several times, tie off your thread use your thread zapper to cut your thread and then go back thread your needle onto your tail and just weave your tail back into your beadwork just like any other people bead weaving project and then use you're thread zapper to cut it as well. That's all there is to adding a decorative edge to a piece of filligree and it adds a really nice little touch that makes it a very delicate project. It really spruces it up. There's the before and there's the after. We've used some Swarovski flat back rhinestones to give it a little sparkle. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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