How to Use Wubbers Large Wire Looping Pliers

SKU VID-0692
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to use Wubbers Large Wire Looping Pliers. These pliers allow you to make wrapped wire loops and uniform curves and loops with heavier gauge wire then traditional wire looping pliers allow. They have soft grip handles that are comfortable to work.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with archit so it's going to allow you to create nice neat uniform loops every time with an inner diameter of four point two millimeters that's quite large you're also going to be able to use a heavier gauge wire up to an 18 gauge which is what I brought over here so I want to show you how this works you're probably going to be using these with a project that's already started so perhaps with some beads already in play but I just want to show you the basic concept here so you've got two nodes as you have a round nose and a concave nose you're going to place the wire between the two noses and squeeze and then you're going to perhaps be creating a wrapped wire loop simple wire loop you know whatever your project dictates I just want to show you this nice loop so there you go so you have a really lovely uniform loop and like I said you probably gonna be doing this with a project already in progress you're going to have some beads to study that wire against but that's the type of loop you can create and you can create it so it's this nice size this would also work for creating small bales as well I think you're gonna be able to do that just fine with this so that's another application you might want to keep it in mind for these wubbers large sized wire looping pliers you

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