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Hi, this is Julie with I want to show you the different sizes of Griffin Silk that is available. This is a question that comes up a bit and it's a logical one. It's well what does the different sizes mean? and in beading the smallest number is not always the smallest size like for seed beads an 11/0 seed bead is much smaller than a 6/0 seed bead but with Griffin Silk the smaller the number the smaller the thread now here's an example of what you might do with Griffin Silk before I get into it. So here one of our designers Kat has pearl knotted some Swarovski Crystal faux pearls and this is a really nice application for it. You often see real pearls knotted because they're little knots between the pearls helps to cushion them and keep them from rubbing against each other. It creates a really nice beautiful look and strong design. On the Beadaholique website we currently offer five different sizes. You have starting at zero which is point .3 millimeters and that's gonna look like, take this apart now the wonderful thing about Griffin Silk is that comes with a needle already attached. It's a flexible wire needle which is very nice so this is what size 0 looks like and then we move up to size 2 which is point .45 millimeters. So not quite half a millimeter it to you has a fixed needle already attached see what this looks like. I'll start laying these side by side. Whenever you purchase a card of Griffin Silk you're gonna get approximately 2 meters and I would have preferred not to of pulled white for this video. I know it's white on white but in that smaller size it's really only is available in white. The next one is a size 4 which is .6 You'll notice the needles are getting a little bit bigger as the actual cord gets a little bit bigger as well then we move up to number 6 which is .7 besides doing a traditional pearl knotting with Griffin Silk you can also do Kumihimo with it. I have a couple projects on the website where I've used it to Kumihimo. It's actually really nice having that needle already attached and the fifth size is a very much larger size which is size 16 and this is just over 1 millimeter thick. It'll be good for some braiding and cording type projects and this needle at this point is quite thick so there we go so we have five different sizes ranging from the very small which 0, size 2, 4, 6 and then 16 so quite a leap when we get up to 16. So I hope that this video, I know it's a quick one, just I wanted to answer couple questions that we've got about the different sizes. So hopefully you'll be able to see them here all laid out together. Gives you a better understanding of the different sizes and in terms of which size do you want to choose look at the size of your beads if you're using some natural pearls I'd use some of the smaller sizes. I go with a 2 or a 4 just because those holes can be really small sometimes you know you might even need a size 0 if it got really small holes and then if you can go a little bit bigger and you want a little bigger knot consider jumping up a little bit but really it's all gonna be dictated by your bead hole size so those are the different sizes of Griffin Silk, all available on the website Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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