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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to share with you how to make a bracelet here using this pre-made bracelet form. It's got a bunch of bezel settings which we're gonna put images in and then we're going to layer over those images with these epoxy stickers. It's going to have a domed effect almost like glass or resin but without the work. What's so great about this project is that with a little supervision you can do it kids because we have no sharp tools, no little its and bits. Just a quick and easy project. All the tools we're going to need is a pair of scissors and we have some non-toxic glue here to adhere the stickers and the images to the bracelet. So I have a bracelet here. I've have already done one. You can see how nice that looks. Now we're going to do the rest together. So what you're going to want to do is take your sheet of epoxy stickers. You're going to just go ahead and rough cut one out. I have a collage sheet of images right here. I chosen some song birds. I think that the colors will look really nice on the bracelet. I like to choose where I'm going to place my images. I take my sticker and i just run it over the top over until I find an orientation which looks really nice. Once I've found that I want to take the top protective layer off of my sticker. Hopefully you can see it a little bit better now. These stickers do actually magnify the image a little bit as well which is nice. To peel off the sticker we're going to pull on the back. You can see the sticker comes right off. We don't want to touch the sticky side because it will leave fingerprints. I'm just going to hold it like so and then I'm gonna place it directly over my image. Press it into place. Try to get out any air bubbles. Rough cut that image out. I'm going to cut along the side of the epoxy stickers. Be careful when you're doing this because you do you want to cut right up to the edge but you don't want to cut the actual sticker itself. See what we have now. Now I'm going to take my Crafter's Pick glue and I'm going to put some on the back. Now I'm going to take my finger and spread it to the sides. You want to make sure you get it around all the sides right up to the edge. Flip it over I can tell that bird here is already facing that direction so I don't think I want them all facing the same direction. I'm just going to move over one panel and press it into place. I'm going to hold it for a few seconds to let that glue create a really nice bond. You can tell a little bit of the glue actually did squeeze out of the edge. I'm actually okay with that. I like it because it does create a little better of a seal. I'm also going to go through with my finger nail and smooth out any of the bumps. That's going to dry clear for you. So while that is drying, it's nice bracelets stand up on their own so that they can dry level. I'm going to do another one. You're going to need eight panels total. So I've already done two so I know I'm going to need another six more. I'm just going to cut six more stickers out. To make my life a little easier I think I'll do these next ones more like an assembly line. So I'm going to check out where I want mystickers to go. If they're going to fit. Here's another advantage, you can see I'm lining up the sticker right here and it doesn't quite fit over the image. You can see a little bit of a whit space so that's another good reason to pre-size pre-look at your images. Make sure that they're going to fit within the sticker frame. These epoxy stickers are specifically made to fit right into the bezel settings which makes them very nice and easy to use. Really a nice professional result. Hold that down creating that nice bond. If you do get a little bit of glue on the top surface of your sticker, wait until it dries and then just wipe it off. We're all done. We have a finished bracelet. You can see all the different panels. I think this would be great to do with family photos as well. It is a stretch bracelet so it's going to fit on anybody's wrist. It's very comfortable. It has a smooth backing to it. So a great fun bracelet. Great to do with kids. Great to do with friends. Would make excellent gifts as well. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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