How to Use EuroTool's Nylon Parallel Jaw Pliers

SKU VID-0869
Designer: Julie Bean
In this product demo video learn how to use EuroTool's Nylon Parallel Jaw Pliers. These pliers are great for working with wire, especially colored or coated wire. The parallel jaws create a vise like grip and the nylon tips protect the wire from being scratched.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with a means is when you close them you'll notice that they evenly come together the two sides close evenly along the entire length of the nose now that's a little different from a more traditional plier they probably used to and you'll see this creates more of a triangle when you close it whereas here you have that parallel jaw so I have some color-coded artistic wire and it's important that this is color-coded because that's one of the great benefits of working with a nylon jaw pliers like this it won't scratch that coating or Mar it so first off I'm going to kink this up a little bit and then I'm going to straighten it out with these so I'm just going to grip it at the base before the kinks and pull now this creates a solid vice-like grip so I actually have to loosen my grip a little bit to run the length of that wire all right so it is now straight and if we look at the wire we don't have any Nick's or scratches so again these are euro tools a nylon jaw pliers and they do have a parallel jaw see that action again you'll see the nice spring in here very nice pliers if you do a lot of wire working they're available at be mahalik and they are by your tool you

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