How to Use the Smart Setter to Make a Bracelet with Gita Settings for Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to use the Smart Setter tools to set Austrian crystals into Gita Jewelry Fancy Stone Settings to complete a bracelet. Once you get going, the Smart Setter tool does the hard work for you! Great for setting a whole bracelet full of crystals.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with ski crystals now as you can see these are finished bracelets or should I say almost finished bracelets all you need to do is add your Swarovski crystals so let's start up here at the top and I just kind of want to show you some of the different varieties that we have so we have this beautiful one up here that features three different cups or I'm sorry three of the same cups but you'll actually get a chance to see that you can use different stones for each of the different sizes here so it's really kind of neat and they're finished like I said they have a lobster clasp on one side and a nice little chain extender on the other so all of these come in gold and silver and then we have some down here that are five cups which is really lovely and then if you want to get really crystal a crazy you can do a full bracelet of cups so again just some different sizes and if you look at the product description for each of these it'll tell you exactly the stone size that will fit in each of these alright so I just want to take a moment to kind of show you the real true length of these and as you can see they're all the same length no matter how many cups you get so I'm just going to bring up my ruler here and show you that from the tip of the little heart term here to the lobster clasp it's gonna be just under 9 inches or so but if you want to clasp it of course you're gonna want to move your ruler down and it's gonna give you about eight and a quarter to eight and a half inches there so if you wanted a longer bracelet what you could do is you have a couple options you can remove either this jump ring or this jump ring and add some extra jump rings just to give a little extra length on that side or to even it out you can remove this jump ring that attaches the lobster here and add a few more jump rings to this end so there is a way to customize this as well so if you wanted it shorter or longer or if you did want it shorter and you didn't want such a long dangle you could always cut that but you cannot cut the cups that are attached together because you won't be able to sort of reattach them so the length of the cups from cup to cup is just about six inches so if you just wanted to add and you wanted to kind of take off that chain extender you could give yourself just about a six and a half six and three-quarters inch bracelet alright so that takes care of sizing and that's again is the same sizing for all of these no matter how many cups you have there's just more chain or less chain depending so let's go ahead and actually start talking about how are we gonna get our Ridley's for this particular design that I've chosen into our cups so let me draw your eye up here and these are these smart setter tools now they're sold individually here and you can see on the side they have a nice little coating here that tells you exactly the stone that it's going to be used for because they have their own little individual sort of well on the edge there alright so this one here is for the twelve millimeter which is what I'm going to be using in my video today but we also have the 11 millimeter which is for the 47 ss and 48 SS and we also have 39 SS 8 point 5 millimeter and then we have the 29 SS which is for 6 millimeter so this will coordinate to those Swarovski crystals so for example the 29 SS is what I've actually used here to set these stones into the little bracelet and you can also use it for these nice little prong earrings and just the way you do it is I'm going to show you how you do it where you press it down onto the table but you can also the metal is soft enough that you can actually just do it in your hand in order to get that one stone in because obviously you don't want to be pressing your post earring down into the table alright so very simple and it kind of works just the same way alright so let's go ahead and get our tool over here and I want to get started so I've come up with a nice little pattern here I have 11 cups to fill so I wanted to do a nice little crystal silver shade a light amethyst a tanzanite and then break it down back to the light amethyst and that crystal silver shade so I'm just going to kind of start off and go really easily here and just sort of place this inside there we go I'm just kind of it'll just kind of lock itself in there so now that my stone is all set I'm just gonna kind of hold it we're top and very gently I'm just gonna give it one little sort of press down there we go and just making sure that those I'll get nice and tucked there we go all right so I just had to wiggle the tool around just a little bit just to make sure that all those prongs catch that Rivoli all right so we're just going to keep going here and again we're just going to kind of press down making sure to get all of those little prongs there we go that was much easier I actually realize that I didn't get one of them there all right and the nice thing is is that you can see that this has a well that fits that Rivoli so I'm not hurting that stone at all I know sometimes it might feel like you will but you really won't be cracking any of your stones or any of your crystals so just keep that in mind as you're pressing down I know sometimes it can kind of be a little scary to press down on a crystal all right let's get that centered and give it a nice press there we go all right now we got an hour cookin and this is setting those really nicely now just got to get the hang of it okay and using this tool actually makes it really fast and really quite easy to do I'm not applying too much pressure I am using my my second hand there just to kind of stabilize it yeah so want to make sure that we're getting it nice and nice and neat and I love that this really does give you a really cool kind of finished style if you were to buy something like this in the store it would be very expensive and what's cool is you can totally choose your crystal that you want in there you can go for a color theme you can alternate lots of fun options alright so there we go so let me just see if I know these beginning ones were a little hard for me so I'm just gonna kind of go back and just go over them one more time there we go that was the one I was having trouble with alright actually that looks quite beautiful I'm very impressed and that was super easy to do really really lovely and it just adds that little extra bling and I learn I'm really loving the colors that I chose there as well alright so that is how easy it is to use one of the smart Sutter tools to make a bracelet and you can get all of these supplies and see even more full tutorials by heading over to you

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