How to use a TierraCast Beadable Wrapped Wire Hoop to Make an Earring

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to use a TierraCast beadable wrapped wire hoop to make an earring. At first glance these hoops look like they have wrapped wire loops up top but in fact they consist of one side that is wrapped and one end that is a discreet little hook. This hook allows you to open up the hoop and slide beads onto it. In this video you will see how to add a Tierracast charm as well as Czech Glass O beads to the hoop and then create a simple earring with it.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and you're like well how is it beatable there is a trick so if you go like this you push it together a little bit there's a little hook and so it just is disappears when you look at it head-on but that little hook makes it so you can be these and all of these do that so there's a wonderful silver color you can see that little hook right there and it just attaches on to the main core of it you see that there and then you can slide beads on to it and I found that obedia lis well for this and so I have a selection of colors right here these are all available at and we do have many more colors as well this was just a small sampling you can also put on to it these wonderful tear cast charms and what's nice is they have the bail hoop a little loop right there and that is perfectly oriented so they'll go ahead and face forward when you're wearing these earrings so I've already made this earring right here and instead of making the same earring I'm going to make a different earring just so you can see the variety of styles you can do with the same technique but I will show you at the very end how you add beads to an earring hook like you see in this earring so what I want to do is I want to choose a tierracast charm now I've got a whole assortment of them and different finishes even a lotus one over here and a nice tree and an arrow I think I want to use this one here which is the North Star and I'm going to go ahead and pair it with the gold and then I'm gonna do something a little bit more simplistic I'm just going to use a nice long elegant earring hook with it and then I think I just want to put silver beads on it so I got these silver o beads I just want to go for a mixed metal really pretty look that you could wear a night or day okay so first off go ahead and unhook your beatable earring finding here I'm calling an earring finding you can definitely use it for a pendant you can use it for a lot of different things and you're gonna slide on and Obi and the reason Oh beats work so well is because of their narrow profile and that lets you slide it over that little hook section you do have to be careful with the beads you choose I did try some seed beads that did not work I tried some other beads we will definitely not beat a holic you as to which beads do work on these and which do not but the OBD are a great choice and like I mentioned they come in a lot of colors just slide on maybe I'll do eight or nine and I'll see how that looks once I do it so these will slide down and then you'll notice when they get to the top not that they'll ever get up that far for the project I'm doing you could of course but they don't fall off because they hit that little loop right there you can see how they look I'm gonna keep sliding these on just one at a time so when you are picking out beads you definitely want to make sure that the bead has a little bit larger hole such as these Oh beads and you also want it to be a narrow bead if it's a really thick bead like I tried a four millimeter check fire polish around it did not go on because it was just too thick to get over that little hook you can see how many I have one two three four five six seven eight so that's what eight looks like I'm gonna do two more so I'll have ten on each side these are bouncing all over the place there's one there's two and now we're gonna put on our charm now what's great about this particular charm is it looks great on both sides you'll notice that a lot of the tierracast charms have a flat side and a front side this princess are just note that and then some of them though do have the same looking great on both sides so just check out what you've got see if it's flat on the back or if it's got a design on the back so this North Star is printed on both sides so it doesn't matter which way I slide this on I'm just gonna slide it over that little hook and I'll go down to the center and I'm gonna do ten more of these o beads and the Oh beats are Czech glass there we go once you've finished adding your beads go ahead and just rehook your little wrapping and there we go and now we're gonna add our earring hook so do add our earring hook just open up that little loop slide it on and close it on up there we've got a very quick and easy simple earring but it looks like you did a lot more work to get here because it looks like you handmade this wire hoop and then here's the other earring I had done and you can see I combined a couple colors of the O beads and a little hamsa hand and then to tie in these colors I'm used a unfinished earring hook and so if you want to do something like that and these do come and other finishes as well you would slide on your beads in this case I have a little check for millimeter fire polish and one of my little oo beads and then I'm gonna take my wire looping pliers grab the tip twist it until I make a little loop and then I like to also just pull it back a little bit so the loop is a little straighter and that is how you would make the earring hook if you want to do an add a B because you can definitely add these little o beads to the top too to continue your color line so really quick and easy projects very fun to do you have a lot of options a lot of variety a lot of really great different charms to choose from as well for these guys and everything you see on the table in terms of the charms and these hoops are by tierracast and we just accented them with the O beads if you liked this project and want to see other designs and inspiration please definitely check out and check out all our videos on YouTube

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