How to Choose a Pinch Bail for Pendants

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to choose the right size pinch bail for your pendants. In the video Julie discusses how to read product descriptions and what information you need to look for when comparing the bail to the pendant.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and bale but there are so many pendants out there literally thousands and it would just be pretty much impossible to be able to list all the different bales that fit them exactly so I want to show you how you can determine which pinch bail to purchase to match your pendant so to begin okay this is probably goes without saying that I have two different pendants here and they are of a different thickness so obviously the bail that fits this one is not going to fit this one and vice versa so how do you come up with being able to pick the right one well you're going to go into the product listing and this here is a printout of our product listing and it's for this pendant right here but because it's so clear I didn't think would show up very well on camera so I picked a color variation and in your AC there's a lot of information listed so I want to show you how to read this and get what the info that you need so it's 28 millimeters long so that's from the bottom tip to the top tip 19 millimeters wide so that's from the widest points it's seven millimeters thick so that's talking about from here to this point right here so ad is thickest point it's seven millimeters thick and now we're starting to get into the information we need now the hole is two millimeters in diameter and that's going to help you determine what type of stringing materials you need more so than what pinch bail because usually the prongs of a pinch bail are not going to be that thick it's good information to have and then the number we really need is right here four millimeters long so I know that this hole is four millimeters long from the front of the pendant to the back of it so that is the number I need when I go and I look for pinch bails so I went on our website and I reviewed a number of pinch bails until I found this one right here and that's what this little guy is and when I'm reading its product description you'll see it's going to give me its height and its width and all that info as well and then down here it says could be put on a hole up to four point five millimeters in depth which is perfect because this one here which we just learned is four millimeters long you'll see the words long and depth use pretty much interchangeably just pay attention to the context so that you are sure of what they mean so this is up to four point five millimeters and I know my hole is four millimeters so this should fit and to verify I'm just gonna pull the pinch bail apart slide it onto my pendant and pinch it shut and we have a really nice tight fit so anytime you are looking to find the right pinch bail for your pendant make sure you carefully read the product descriptions and just compare the various numbers and then you'll be able to pick a perfectly fitting pinch bail for your pendants you

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