How to use the Heavy Duty Flush Cutter by Beadsmith

SKU VID-1161
Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Any Level
Learn how to use the Heavy Duty Flush Cutter, excellent for cutting up to 2.5mm copper wire.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra with here to show you how to use the heavy-duty flush cutter by beadsmith I have two types of wire here very thick and stiff one is 10 gauge copper wire which is the equivalent of a 2.5 millimeter and I have a 21 gauge rose-colored wire also cut on the inside that's five millimeters wide so this tool is very good for cutting thick wire you'll want to hold on to the end so it doesn't fly across the room and it won't dent like your smaller cutter would so it's made to last you can find these and other supplies and tools at thanks for watching you

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