How to Use Sterling Silver Twisted Crimp Tube Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
See a demonstration of how to use sterling silver twisted crimp tube beads. These are great because you simply flatten them with a pair of chain nose pliers and do not need to use a crimping plier!
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Hi, this is Julie with to bead so this is what they look like and you can see they have a very fine twist in them they measure two millimeters by three millimeters and what's super cool about these guys is you don't need a crimping plier you just need a chain nose plier so let me show you how they work so I've just got some beading wire and some beads here already strung on then you're going to take your crimp tube and put it on just like a normal crimp tube got a little clasp okay so now we're going to go same method as usual for a crimp tube go back down through it slide it up so you make just a nice little loop now normally at this point we would take a pair of crimping pliers and crimp it but we don't need to do that we're just going to take our chain nose pliers and just in the middle of it squeeze and it's really easy to squeeze it doesn't really take any pressure at all I'm just going to continue flattening out the whole piece and that's all there is to it you're done and let me show you oops my bead stopper came off but that crimp bead is really staying solid and that's all there is to using them so a nice little finding that you don't need a crimping plier for again there are sterling silver twisted crimp tubes you

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