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Hi this is Megan with and today I want to show you this mini needle file handle by Euro Tool If you do a lot of filing with these little tiny needle files you know they can be kinda tricky to hang onto and also they hurt your fingers after a little because it's this little really narrow metal handle this handy little tool you just unscrew the top a lot like a pen vise, when you unscrew the opening gets a little wider you slide in your needle file and tighten it up and now you have a much easier handle to hold onto. It's also a really nice and grippy, so it's gonna be like easier to file down something instead of trying to hold onto it like this with the tips of your fingers. It gives you a lot more leverage and you can get a lot more control over the movement as you file and it's also more comfortable for you hand So if you are going to do resin work like this bangle has to be totally filed down all the way around the outside You use a lot of the needle files for resin, metal anything it can be a really really handy tool to have.

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