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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to use the mini spin and string bead stringing tool by the BeadSmith and this is really handy if you need to string a lot of seed beads it's gonna work best with a delica bead down to an 11/0 it's going to have to do with whether or not you're beads fit past the end of their special curve needle here with thread on it so czech beads can work but because they're not as uniform sometimes they don't slide down all the way what you're gonna do is pour your beads into the cup here and you want it to be decently full. I have two tubes of seed beads in here it works a little bit better when there's more beads especially when you have to get a hang of it and then you'll need some beading thread. Whatever you want you want to put your strand on i'm just using nylon ko thread right now you can leave your thread attached to the spool. You can tie a big knot I'm just going to put on a bead stopper right now to keep the beads from going right off the end of the thread it comes with two of these needles and you can also buy more there's replacements old separately gonna go ahead and just thread your needle this is going to go kind of fast and its going to if you're not careful make a big mess of beads everywhere so make sure you kinda get the hang of it before you go hog wild and spray beads everywhere try to make sure that your beads, you can lift this up are evenly distributed now not so fast that they fly everywhere also not super slow, give it a little spin out and you want to see the beads go to the edges but like I said not so that they fly everywhere and it will keep spinning for a while take the needle in your right hand with the hook pointed up and kind of to your right now the idea is when it spins counterclockwise like this you're gonna put you're needle in. You're not going to touch the wall. You're going to put it near the wall and the beads and it's going to force the beads up onto the needle and they will load pretty quickly so be prepared for that and they also might popped some up so I like to put my hand right here to keep it from doing that I probably won't do it so much because you won't be able to see what's going on but if beads are flying, if you put your hand there that they won't make such a mess give it a good spin and just get it in the stream of the beads and as you can see it fills up the needle pretty quick and slide it down and keep it going i haven't practice with this a whole lot probably if you practice more you can get it to not spill beads at all. I think it has to do with the angle that the hook enters the beads if you don't give it a good spin then you don't get very many Once you get the hang of that it's a much faster way if you need to string for making fringe or if you do a lot of multi strand stuff or if you need to string a hank it's going to be much faster just keep spinning it beads in there I didn't make such a mess that time and if you make sure also when you pull it out pull the hook up and the beads won't fly off fall right back off so you can see in just that time I strung over a third a foot of seed beads which can be really tedious to do with a regular needle and thread so if you do a lot of stringing for any reason you might won't to try this tool out

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