How to Apply SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Jean Buttons using the Crystal Applicator Tool

SKU VID-0348
Designer: Julie Bean
In this tutorial, see how to use the Crystal Applicator Tool to apply dazzling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS jean buttons to fabric for all your jewelry, clothing, and crafting projects.
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Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and i can go on other types of fabric you can make a fabric cuff you can put them on all sorts of different materials and you can see it's got the nice button here the button top which you can make a buttonhole for then and then it's really secured onto the back with this backing this is not hard to do at all it's quite easy I'm going to show you how to do it so you need the crystal applicator tool and that's what you see here and it's a nice substantial tool it's got some weight to it that's not so heavy I'm not the strongest person in the world and I can easily maneuver it and then you're going to need a die set which is specifically made for these buttons and you can see that you're going to get three pieces with your die set a bottom die and that's actually going to slip right in to the base part of your crystal applicator tool and then you're just going to tighten the little screw until it's locked in there and secure and then you're going to get to top dies so on the backside they look identical and that's going to fit into this top piece up here but on the front side you'll notice you have two sizes you have one for the smaller buttons you see how that fits in there perfectly and one for the larger buttons so what you're going to do is I'm going to show you how to apply a large one but it be the same exact method for a smaller one so you're going to take the die and you're going to take the end with the smaller hole and put it on to the shaft here you see how there's a little indent right here slide it all the way up over that indent and you'll actually hear it almost click you'll hear it kind of lock into place and then you're going to take the screw and twist it so that it's secure so now both of your dies are completely secure they're not going anywhere which is exactly what you want so you're going to take a top button and you're going to put it the side the you know the top of your button up into the top die just like so and you want to make sure it's in there and secure and then you're going to take the bottom piece to your button which is the back side and you're going to drop it into the bottom die you can see now the the post is sticking straight up so now you just take your tool put your fabric between it and you can actually can reach in quite a ways you can bunch up your fabric reach in quite a ways you've got a lot of range here so wherever you're going to want it you just go ahead and you've got your fabric sandwiched and I like to use two hands you can do just one if you want and we're going to go ahead and push the handles together and then pull out and now it's going to be kind of stuck up there and all you need to do is gently pull it away and now you have a button which is very secure this is not going anywhere so you've just secured that button to your piece of fabric and it's ready to go and I'm going to show you one more time how to do that because it's so easy so again I have got a large button here I'm going to put it up top you can actually flip this over if you want while you're doing it just make sure it's in place I'm going to take the bottom part to the button put it right in there and the bottom die go ahead place it where I want it on my fabric squeeze and pull so easy to do and a great way of really securing your buttons into place you

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