How to Apply Rose Rose Pins using the Crystal Applicator Tool

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this tutorial, see how to use the Crystal Applicator Tool and Rose Pin Die Set to apply sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rose pins to fabric for all your jewelry, clothing, and crafting projects.
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Hi, this is Julie with and I wanna show you how to use a crystal applicator tool to apply rose pins to fabric. Now a rose pin basically what it is a flat back crystal bead made by Swarovski and they're basically put into a setting that has these prongs sticking up from the backside of them. What the prong id going to do is again go through the fabric and then all over each other and secure the rose pin into place is a great way adding some sparkle to your fabric, your designs, your clothing or whatever your working with, your jewelry and just really easy to do using the crystal applicator tool. So you'll need some rose pins, lol piece of scrap fabric your menu system jean material at crystal applicator tool it has some good way to end but I'm not the strongest person in the world and I can still use it very easily and then you can eat a specialized I said when you get that I sets can come in a box like this and I recommend keeping the box cuz has this handy little tied upon the top when take up the top film you notice you've got all these dyes perini taking here and they correspond with the picture so there's three sizes rose can take up by using this device that we got the SS 16 the SS-twenty NES 34 and over here that's what these aquatic so the SS 16 smallest here's the twenty in here said 34 so you got and occurred i for each of them I mean explain what all this means in a moment I just wanna go through what you get and i cant first you have a thumbscrew doctor and then for the lower dying use the same lowered i for the SS six teens and twenties and then you can have a different lord I for the SS 30 force and then you got these little guys that come with it and what they are mister little it he said top and a little applicator to get the adhesive tap into the guys so I'm show you with the largest I just can be for the SS 34 and when you look at it there's a hole that goes all the way through it just like step what we need to do it and you take when these lil it he said taps peel the paper backing off yes no sticky knowing it turned over they were gonna put it into the dye with it he said site down you have this little pin right here was to help you to push it down just push it into place just likes to now you see over here now its loss to keep their what's going to happen 20 put your rose pin in there it's going to now stick said just as a way of grabbing so now what would you do to put the top down on yes we're going to go ahead Iran take adapter put it down into that their opening the recessed have the appetite and then we're going to take are screw screw into place just like steps and now this is all connected the adapters actually question that what he said pat down keeping in place and now what we can do. screw this on the place in the top part a crystal key tool they re going two screws on the place and says we're doing the SS 34 a paradigm we want to make sure we have the corresponding SS thirty forts marked right on their lowered i and that just drops into the bottom and twist the bottom scare to keep that in place as well now that we have hard i sat with paralyzed he said tab and ready now rated higher resting so now you can turn it over make a little bit easier for you put the corresponding size RAM spin into the upper too high you don't have anything you're gonna put in the botanist going to help facilitate the process here so if you're familiar with how to apply teens buttons are snapped you're used to having two parts this tiny I have one part now we're gonna go ahead and sammich fabric between that to die is and we're just going to squeeze you can look lik and that look like is actually the prongs arose Penn being folded over if you look at it now Atheros confront and we have the little ponds on the back which I now all folded over so that is one way to do it show you one more with that process now we're gonna go ahead flip it over at the Rose been in place and just double checked all your problems are facing upward if one gets bent just wanna bend it back crisis all facing forward turn it over that little adhesive strip is keeping that in place up top just go ahead samatya fabric between the two dice and squeeze here that little clicking sound pull it off and now you have a wonderful rest can cast of pride you've got the parks in the back so I guess that's one way to do it another way to do it I wanna show you a lot of a smaller rose pen just so I can show you the process again had a set its ties so I just loosen the screws to remove them and unscrew the adapter right so let's see now we want to use an SS-twenty so we need eight different apartheid man take the SS-twenty hampered I we do need to put the adhesive tap on the back you knocking need to replace it adhesive top every time there are several extras but you're gonna get a lot usage out this one so this is not something into each tiny one East sorry I put that in with you he said site down use our little pin you push it into place properly go ahead take the adapter put it but that blunt side down over the adhesive tap take it comes true spirit into place go ahead take care adapter screwed and the top part have you crystal applicator tool and now and different bottomed out as well you're gonna get the one which is for SS 16 through 20 pop into place in the bottom tighten the screw snowman taking SS-twenty rose pin put into place sammich my fabric again squeeze you've got a recipe in now you see that I ended up with one little prong face outward and that was because I didn't double check to make sure are my problems we're facing forward so you can remedy that just by making sure all your problems facing forward now if you do find you have a lot instances like that and problem some this is what I want to show you how to do you can take perot's itself sure all the prongs are facing forward using your fingers go ahead put the roast pan where you want it on your fabric and just pushed the prongs through the fabric if your fabric like this they go through very easily you can see all up and sticking out now now just take applicator tool carefully very slowly depressed until you feel that you've got it right where it should be lined up on the tool janacek the crystal by having it often side this pretty easy to just be like okay at in that well that's fine have been squeezed it yet I'm just kinda hovering over at making sure it's where I want to be and when you know you've got it go ahead and squeeze there you go and I'll see on the back you've got all your problems nice any and folded over that's two different ways you can go ahead and apply these ras pickens using the crystal applicator tool Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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