How to Use the BeadSmith Holiday Wire Form Set

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to use the Beadsmith Holiday Wire Form Set to create beautiful beaded Christmas ornaments. You can make these ornaments as elaborate or as simple as you want, simply by wire wrapping strands of beads in different patterns onto the form.
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you a new product and how to use it That is the BeadSmith holiday wire form set. In this set you're going to get 3 wire forms for an ornament. I've actually done one ahead of time and so I've got a bell here, a star and a heart and then you'll also get some thin gauge gold wire to wrap around the forms to make designs that you see here that I've done with the bell so there's some instructions on the back but basically you just let your creativity run wild with these things you're not gonna get any beads included but I've picked out certain beads that will be really pretty for these forms and then in terms the tools you need a pair of round nose pliers and you need a pair of cutters well I've gone ahead and I've started with the bell shaped and in here you can see in the picture what the bell-shaped looked like originally I just strung some beads onto it and then down at the bottom I made two simple wire loops that I attached to each other to close the form and then to make these bands across I just attached some wire which you're going to see me do here when I make the star and then I just strung some beads looped the wire on the other end and snipped off the edge let's begin with going ahead and making the heart because it's a little bit easier and then I'll show you how to make to the star. The beads that I picked up all have fairly large holes. That's a really important part of this project, just make sure the beads you're going to use have holes large enough that they're going to get around these curves let me show you what I mean. So got a gold bead here slips on really easily, same thing with my size 6/0 Czech seed bead mixes which I love for this particular project these goes on really nice, they go over all the edges so I definitely like them I'm going to show you what's not going to work just so you know and can be prepared so I have a pretty little Czech crystal bicone and a little Czech glass bead. The problem with this is their holes are not really large enough to get up and over the curve. So these are not going to work for this project as pretty as they are they're not going to work so I would avoid Czech fire polished beads or Czech or Swarovski crystal beads. You're going to want to go for some metal beads you can see how nice and big these holes are or assortments like these Czech size 6/0 beads now that we have that talked about I wanna show you how to put these on and how to finish up ornament. I'm going to start with pink beads for my heart. Now I do know because I tested this particular large filigree bead will go up and over all the edges but it's not going to go around the bottom of the heart. So I'm going to bead half my frame, finish it off and then bead the other half and finish it up since I'm gonna bead half of it I'm going to take a little tape and put it at the halfway because the other beads besides the large filigree that I'm working with do slide over this curve and I don't want them to at this point I want them to stop in the middle so I can see what type of pattern I'm making So you're just gonna go ahead and string on beads in whatever order you like. I'm going to do a pattern here, you can follow my pattern you can make up your own slide them down and then I'm adding a gold bead and another colored bead and a gold gold filigree and what I try to do when I was thinking about how to make these is I wanted to be able to use these beads here on all of my frames. You see I've incorporated them into the little bell as well and then I just wanted a different color the seed bead mixes that way it made it a little bit more of a value which is always good and then you get more use out your beads too. You don't have to buy a bunch a different types of beads to get a lot different variety going here. So I'm just gonna keep stringing these on in this pattern here I'm going to do three beads, a gold bead, a colored bead, a filigree, a colored, a gold, three more all the way around until I get to the end and I'll show you how to finish the end I'm almost done this side. I want to get it to a point where it has about an quarter of an inch left so have a few more beads to put on. You can see how we're doing and so I'm not gonna worry about my pattern anymore at this point. I'm just going to go ahead and add these small 6/0 Czech beads okay So that's about what you want to leave if you have these Czech beads they vary little bit in their width You can see if you can find a skinny one so what you wanna do is you're just gonna make a simple wire loop with your round nose pliers and you're just going to basically do that by bending the wire. I'm gonna grab it between the tips of my round nose pliers and just bend it over and you made like a little curly Q in there there we've got half of our ornament done so I'm gonna go ahead and do the other half now. Take off the tape and then repeat the exact same process so I started with four down here. We're going to do the same here So I'm continuing. I'm almost done with the other half. I want to show you one thing to kind of be aware of Czech seed beads vary in there width a little bit and so even though you might do the exact same pattern on both sides they going to vary a little bit so you might have a slightly different placement you'll see that here compare the two sides, this filigree is a little higher than this filigree what you can do is you could not worry about that which is what I'm going to choose to do on this one or you can just adjust your pattern and take a look at it as you're going. They're fairly close and I think they look really pretty how they are but if you are working on this and you're wondering what's going on I did the exact same pattern of beads and they're not even and you are using the Czech seed bead mix, that's gonna be why I don't find it to be a very big deal for me personally. On the star I'm gonna show you how to adjust accordingly again it's just eye sight. It's what looks right is what you're going to you verses necessarily what's mathematically correct almost ready to finish that end again. A couple more A reminder on how to do this. Grab the tip between the two noses of your round nose plier and I'm pulling these down so that it's tighten here I don't want this to be really loose. I don't want there to be a gap. I'm pulling it just going to bend it over keep rotating until I have a nice closed loop so now we have our heart and what we can do if we want to again it's totally up to you. You can take a little bit of this wire that comes with your kit. It's a really nice thin gauge wire so you don't see it just gonna cut off a little bit and if you want to you can just wire your two sides together I'm going to tuck that loop in the back and this is wire so it will bend and in the back your just going to twist my wires together. I don't really think this step is necessary on this heart but I wanted to show you what you could do if you really wanted your two sides to be wired together but I I'm going not going to do that because I like it to be a little looser on this particular one and I think it's pretty just like that you can just hang a earring hook and then you can hang it on your tree or hang it from a package. So this is one way of doing it where all you're doing is the outside. In the picture here that comes with your kit you'll see that they then went in and made extra interior hearts using the wire and the beads and I'm going to show you how to do the star which is going show you basically the same concept of how you attach some wire add some beads and then reattach it and there's a limitless amount of possibilities of what you could do with these kits but use this as a guide but let your imagination run wild. I want to show you this one on the video. The star because it is in my opinion the most difficult one to do so I wanna show you how to do it. First off start by making your simple wire loop to begin with. If you're unsure of the pattern you're gonna do use tape first, then remove the tape, make the loop because once you make this loop you can't really go back. Just gonna bend it So now from this end we're gonna string our beads and I'm just gonna string the seed bead mix that I have. This is an assorted metallic mix that I thought would just be really pretty for the star you can see by having that loop they're they're gonna stop I got down to a quarter-inch and this is tight I don't have a gap at the beginning which is what I was worried about and now I'm gonna make another simple loop just like that. So we've got our structure. Now we're not going to join our loops like this because our star would become all off kilter but I am going to have you do is wire wrap these two edges together and we're gonna do that by taking some of our wire and start by lining it up how I want it I have a nice a star-shape. I might actually bend this loop a little bit. Make sure it's closed and I'm gonna go ahead thread the tip of my wire through the loop I just made and then wire it directly to the other arm I'm just winding it in the space between the beads that's actually being wound not on the beads at the space between the beads. Now I want to take these tails and I wanna work my way up along the arm. This is the hardest part of this particular frame you can see it's starting to hold see what we have in the front. Just to make it extra secure I'm going to use this tail and continue to wrap it and I just guesstimated about how much wire I needed. If you need to add more you can just cut another another length and add some more. This isn't really like a wire wrapping project where if you don't have the right amount of length to begin with you have to start all over we're going to be cutting a lot of separate little lengths and working with them as we go I feel like that is nice and secure. I have a nice star shape and we actually have a little hook now to hang our ornament. I'm going to cut off the ends and just press them into place now we're going to make the bridge work within our star and the key to this is a little filigree bead and the reason is is because you'll see there's holes all the way around this bead. So when I start doing the different stripes within the stars I can go through this bead in all different directions which is going to be the key we're gonna make a bridge from here to here, here to here here to here, every point is gonna go through that middle center bead. Start with a length of wire and this is probably about 10 inches and I'm going to go ahead and wrap it around one of these points I'm just wrapping it around about a good 3-4 times make sure it's snug and cut off the tail the first strand is the most important now what we've talked about with the heart was that these Czech beads can be a little irregular and you're also are kinda just having to eyeball where the center is I suggest starting with some Czech beads to begin with and I'm going to start with 3 I want to create a pattern in the middle where I'm going to have the center filigree and then I'm gonna have two gold beads radiating off of it with every strand. I'm going to string on two gold beads and the filigree and I want to see now if this looks to be about the center point and to me that looks a little low so I'm going to take off these beads and add one more Czech bead. I'm going to try this again that looks pretty good to me. So now I'm not gonna duplicate this exact pattern on this side because this is our outward pointing point and this is a inward pointing point and if that makes sense and so we're going to change up the pattern a little bit but I still want the two gold beads to radiate off of the center filigree. I have 2 gold beads and then going to add 3 these Czech beads, gold bead another filigree another gold and I'm going to see how many beads I need to get up to the top. I think I need three or four of the Czech. I actually have more Czech than this available because they came in a really large mix. I might need to grab a few more try three at the beginning and see if we're up top actually that's feeling pretty good. So now I'm going to take it and wire wrap it around the top. I'm pulling it pretty tight I'll trim it. So to make this line is exactly what I did to make the line here. I should of pull this one a little tighter but that's what I did wire wrapped around the edge strung some beads and wire wrapped it around the edge here that was the exact same technique and if you're gonna do that for the heart as well you would just do the exact same thing So now I'm gonna add another strand I undid my wire at a random place so I'm just not gonna worry about it. I'll just cut myself a new one here I know I'm going to using a bit of this wire you don't have to do this but for the purpose of the video I'm just gonna cut another random. So now I'm just going to repeat the same process I'm going to go from a point and wire wrap it snip off the end because this is a point that's going outwards. I'm gonna try to mimic this pattern this is the part I wanna worry about. I want to have this be identical but I don't care if there's three or four here. So I'll start with three but I might have to undo it and do it again which is not a big deal 1, 2, 3 gold, a filigree, a gold three more of these two more golds we'll see if this lines up. Then I want to go through the center actually this is looking pretty good. So now I want to go through my filigree I don't care which hole I go through as long as it's aiming at the point opposite that I started from so I wanna go here pull it and I need to do the short little segment which is going to start with two gold beads and then finish with some czech beads. It looks like I have four that I started with over here. I'll see if four is the right number again don't worry if it has to be three or if it has to be five you're just want to make it look right. You're not worrying about the exact number but that actually looks pretty good I'm gonna go ahead, wire wrap that one in place so I'm not going to talk through the rest of it. I'll grab myself some more czech beads but you can basically get the idea of what we're doing so you just gonna do this exact same process. This is turning into a pretty long video so I don't wanna bore you by just repeating the same steps. I'm gonna finish this off camera then I'm gonna come back and show you what it looks like finished but the technique is gonna stay the same so go ahead, have fun trying this and I will be back in a few with it finished so you can see what it looks like. So I have now finished all my wire work on my star. You can see what the finished product looks like it's really quite fun and it's not that complicated once you really start to get into it. It's the same technique over and over again, Again it's just those filigree beads which are so important in this particular design I wanna show you as an example, here's I had four beads over by the point of the star, here I had three, it's really just that instance of making it look right versus exactly counting the same of number bead each time and if you do do a pattern such as this where you've got the gold like these little gold beads clustered here at the center versus out by the edges you'll have an easier time of it where you won't have to worry if you need to just put some extra beads on the end. So remember how we finished it. I want to show you a close up of the front and the back and you're ready to hang your star from the tree or a package here again is the heart and again you could've wire wrapped this together, you can do some more bead work on the interior or you could leave it how it is which is something that I really like on that one and then here is kind of the middle ground for a complicated project. I just got the stripes of the different colored seed beads on the bell and so here you can see you could do it super easy, you can make it a little more complicated or you could do something even more elaborate it's really up to you again this here is the holiday wire form set. It's by BeadsSmith and all you have to do is add the beads. The wire comes with it, the forms come in the packet, you get three of them and then we're gonna turn this into a project on as well. So you can go onto our site and you can order all these beads together to go with the wire forms. So I hope you enjoyed this video and have a lot of fun making ornaments, packaging decorations or window hangings or whatever you use this for this holiday season. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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