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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to use Krylon Leafing Pens to embellish metal stampings and here I have an assortment of colored coated metal stampings by Ezel and I have a few examples I've already done this is the Golden Boughs Necklace in Ivory necklace that I made. This one uses this white ivory colored Tree of Life stamping and I used the 18-carat gold leafing pen on it and these are paint pens and they're really fast and easy to use in this way and they make a really pretty finished product. It makes such a difference This stamping actually is something that we have in our clearance section right now. So you can see it was just plain red like the back and it makes a really really nice impactful difference when you just to use the Gold Leafing Pens. On this one I used the copper and gold. Here is another example. I have this red heart and this is the golden side and I'm just going to show you really quickly how to do this. I'm just putting it down on a post it. You can put it on any scratch paper, any the surface that you don't mind getting paint on these pens do need to be shaken and when you first open them the tip will be white and you need to press on the paper until the ink starts flowing and now when you do this as you can see I have some gold that's leaked through to the back you can either choose to do both sides or if you want you can put masking tape on the back and pull it away to keep the back nice. All I'm going to do is being very careful around the edges because I want the outside to stay the color of the stamping just trying to get a better angle. Be careful because the paint will flow very freely so you end up with a whole lot and its very easy to get it messy so you can kind of use a little bit of your scratch paper to blot some of it and sorry I'm left handed. I'm kinda blocking the work but the all you wanna do is just very carefully dab around the edges and fill in If you get any on the very edge you have a minute to kind of wipe it off use your fingernail get in there and clean it up. You could also use masking tape if you want it around the edges to mask that so you didn't have to be quite so careful. I think that it's relatively easy to get it on there looking nice though and you can see that took me about maybe 30 seconds, less than a minute and it looks really pretty and it makes such a big impact and such a difference to add that color in now you can use that to make a necklace or earrings or anything you want and it's going to be a really really pretty effect really quickly and easily. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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