How to Use Nunn Design Ball Chain Connectors

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to use Nunn Design ball chain connectors. These handy connectors allow you to then attach a jump ring to ball chain which you can then attach to a clasp, strand reducer, or another jewelry finding. Very convenient and easy to use.
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Hi, this is Julie with and I wanna show you today how to use Nunn Design ball chain connectors that's what these doohickies are here. So they look like a clamshell basically. They've got two sides to them with a little well in each. On one end it's really probably hard to see there's a little notch for the chamber part of the ball chain to go through and on the other end you have a little loop which is gonna allow you to connect this to a jump ring or maybe a jump ring and then a multi-strand clasp. You could do a lot of different things and this finally gives you an option for finishing off ball chain and these are great for ball chain that measured between 1.8 millimeters and 2.4 millimeters. So I'll show you an example project right here very quickly. It's a two millimeter ball chain. I put a little ball chain connector on each end and then I just connected via a four millimeter jump ring and a little lobster clasp and finished a bracelet. So I want to show you how to do this but first I wanna show you what you're probably more used to with a ball chain which is little bit more limiting and that are these little peanut ends and that's why it's so great that Nunn Design came up with these other connectors so if you're familiar with ball chain you have a little end like this put one ball in, pull it into place and it snaps and then make your finished piece. Put the other end in pull it down and you have a finished necklace which does work totally great if you just want a plain necklace but let's say you do you wanna use a lobster clasp or perhaps you wanna have a multi chain design or something else these now allow you to do that. So to use them you'll need a pair of chain nose pliers. I'm going to hold one and grab it where I am holding it by either end see how I'm grabbing this and the little loop is out to the side and now I'm going to take my ball chain, drop one ball into there and compress I'll show you how on the other side as well. Now if you want to have a little added security all though this is pretty darn strong you could put a little GS Hypo Cement in there or a little E6000 as well. Let me show you with one more I'm going to grip it with my pliers going to drop one ball in there and just close it. Like so and now I have two loops that are going to allow me to attach this via jump rings to a whole host of items for my jewelry making. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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