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Hi, this is Kat with maker tool now you'll get all of the components here but what you won't get and that you'll need is you'll need some cotton cord and they actually have tassel maker cord which is great you'll need a couple of jump rings a pair of pliers to help you open those jump rings you'll need a flat nose screwdriver a pair of poignant tweezers and a pair of scissors so let's get started what you're going to do first is you're going to take your truss rod and you're going to find the midpoint which is that Center one right there and very easily you're just going to put your screw in and gently just screw it with your finger and then take your screwdriver and you're just going to tighten it up there we go just make sure it's nice and tight and now when you move your thing it's going to move with it okay so now you can set your screwdriver aside we won't need it anymore so now to attach these now you'll notice that you can make tassels that are really long tassels that are a little shorter it's just entirely up to you which makes this tool really really great so you can make tassels for the length of your project so I'm going to go ahead and set mine each in the second hole there and you just put the rod in add the washer to the back and then you're going to grab a wing nut and just put it on there here we go and just tighten it really nice and tight especially for this bottom one here now for the top one same thing you're just going to put it in the hole there add my washer and tighten it up now this one you can leave a little bit loose and I'll tell you why in just a minute but next we have four suction cups because as you can tell this is already moving around as I'm trying to make it so these are very easy you're just going to place them at the four corners of the base here just press them down and this will help keep your tassel maker in place as you wind alright so there you go so now we are all set to make our first tassel now with the instructions that you'll get you'll notice that you can make two shorter tassels or one longer tassel and I'm going to show you basically where the difference is when I start winding but let's take our cotton cord here and I'm just going to leave it on the spool because I don't know how much I want to use yet and take a tail maybe have about six or six or so inches and to this top rod here remember we left it a little loose go ahead and loosen it and you're going to slide the cord in between the washer and the truss rod here let me try to get that in there and then show you so you see how it's sort of stuck in there now so I'm just going to tighten that up and so that's going to kind of pinch my cord to keep it from see it's nice and tight keep it from unwinding so actually I want a little bit longer of a tail so I'm going to adjust that real quick because this is what you're going to use to tie it at the end so always more is better and there we go so now I'm happy with that so now I have my spool attached to the top bar here and all I'm going to start to do is I'm going to press down on this to make sure it suctions to my table and now I'm just going to start winding okay that actually looks pretty good so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to finish so that again my cord appears on the top and now I'm going to leave a nice length here and cut that off and now I'm going to take my tweezers and bring it around here and what I'm going to do is I'm going to slide it in between the two bands right there that I've sort of created to make my tassel and now I'm going to come back through and just tie and knot at the end bringing it all together I'm just going to repeat that step so through the two bands there just get the end through and then come up through my loop and pull tight one more time just for security and pull it through and there we go all right and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to loosen the top and I'm going to get this tail end out and this is where it's going to be different so if I wanted to make one long tassel I could take this off and cut right there so it's one tassel but to make two tassels what you're going to do is you're just going to repeat that step on this side so you're going to go up and over and now kind of taking this end you're going to go through the middle again up and around and just make sure that you catch that to make your knot on top and one more time and come through it and just grab it and there you go so now I have my tassel round and my two knots right here so I'm just going to go ahead and slide that off of my tassel maker tool and the first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to take a couple of my jump rings here and my pliers and just going to open one of my jump rings and slide it on to where that knot is and just make sure I'm getting all the cords there we go and now just closing up that jumper and making sure it aligns with that top top knot right there just make sure that is nice and tight there we go and I'm going to do the same thing on the other side so now I have my two jump rings on either side there and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take another length of cord probably about a foot or so long and just go ahead and cut that off and to one side here I'm just going to tie an overhand knot come back just tie a simple overhand knot and what you're going to want to do is line the snot up so that it makes your tassel kind of come to a point just like so there we go and now what I'm going to do is just wind around a couple of times and then tie another overhand knot just to secure it and you can tie a couple of knots you can use glue if you like we recommend either in e6 thousand or a hypo cement whatever you're more comfortable working with and then you would just repeat this step of making it a coil on the other side here but I'm just going to go ahead and skip ahead and I am now going to just cut all my threads here so so I have my little tassel there and I have this extra thread but I have a knot there so I'm just going to go ahead and snip that off there we go and now I have one of my nice little tassels and like I said you can do this with making longer tassels and we also have a video showing you how to do this and making a cone on the top so you can use a bead cap so there you have it that is how to use the beadalon tassel maker tool and you'll find all of these supplies and more at you

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