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Hi, this is Kat with of your jewelry from gold silver to brass and copper we offer a variety of sizes and quantities so you can go ahead and check the website to pick the one that you want but I just want to kind of show you quickly how it works and so I'm just going to open this one and you'll notice that in each bag it actually comes already sealed and what you're going to want to do is lead them in the package here until you are ready to use them now the bags are going to protect for up to three years once your jewelry has been placed inside but if you want to keep these nice they will protect for up to five years until they've been open so if you didn't use this it would be still good for about five years so I'm just gonna go ahead and open it and show you that the back side is copper and that's what prevents the tarnishing but the front side is actually clear so you can still see what piece of jewelry so it's not a guessing game I have here a sterling silver necklace and charm that I made I'm just gonna go ahead and place it inside the bag and get all the air out and seal it up make sure it's nice and sealed and protected now the great thing about these is you might be wondering oh well do I have to write a date on it or how do I figure out when the tarnish has gone bad what will happen is this copper will actually turn black so that's your indication to know that you need to switch your bag or take this out clean it make sure that there are no fingerprints on it anything like that and then just go ahead and put it in a fresh bag these are great tools I keep all of my sterling especially in these bags but you can also use this for plated it'll help keep everything from tarnishing we have them in all sorts of size and quantities so go ahead and pick up your beadsmith shine right anti-tarnish bags at you

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