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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm gonna show you how to fill a bezel bracelet like this. I got a lot of request saying how do you use resin with a bracelet such as this which is pre-assembled and I'm gonna show you actually how to do this using pearlizing powder and also a transparent dye. Here's of couple different techniques I'm gonna show you so let's get started. First off I'm gonna want to mix up our resin whenever you're doing a two-part resin you want equal parts of part A the resin and Part B the hardener. I have a little measuring cup right here which I'm going to measure and then stir it with my stir stick what's great about these measuring cups it's a little hard to see in the video but there are measurement lines on them and so I'm just actually kinda crouching down here in the background and looking at it at eye level to make sure that my measurement is equal it is important that it is 50/50 and once you've measured your resin you're just going to stir it I've stirred this for about two minutes and all the striations are gone There's actually quite a number of air bubbles that got in there so I'm gonna let this sit for five minutes before I add my transparent resin dye and and my mother of Pearl pearlizing powder. I let this sit for about five minutes and a lot of the bubbles are gone I'm going to have to stir it again but I'm not gonna have to stir it as much so I don't get quite as many bubbles back. So now I'm going to add two things to I want to use the mother of pearl pearlizing resin powder and I want to use transparent green resin. I thought for spring coming up it would be fun to have a pink and green bracelet one word of caution, do not use too much of either of these in this small amount of resin I mixed up two ounces here. So I only want to add 2 drops of green, one two. I have done this before for myself where I've added too much of the dye and too much of the pearlizing powder and I ended up with my pieces staying rubbery for literally years until I just tossed them and they just never fully cured so that's something you want to be cautious of. See how that green dye looks in there now I'm gonna take a clean popsicle stick and apply some I pearlizing powder It just almost looks like flower, it's very fine and we'll start with a little and add more as needed what paralyzing powder does is it gives it this wonderful pearly shimmery effect stir that in now if you've ever baked a cake you know something to get clumps, you just squish it against the side of you're mixing bowl and that's exactly what I'm going to do here and I'll just keep stirring until all of those little pearlizing powder clumps are gone. I think I want to add just a little bit more while I'm at it scoop a little more put it in there and I'm going to call that good alright. All my clumps are gone. You can see I got this great pearl color going so now I am ready to fill my bezel bracelet now what I'm going to suggest you do because this is just elastic, if you had a lot of patients and we're very careful you could technically fill one let it fully cure, rotate it, maybe put this on a bracelet mandrel, keep a rotating but that's gonna take you well over a week maybe two weeks to do. So it's just elastic you can cut the elastic and I'll show you how to restring this when you're all done. So I'm just going to take this out and lay them flat just like so and now I'm gonna go I'm going to fill these like any other bezel You can see what's happening to my green, it's actually turning gray against the pink which is fine. Kind of a grey green really interesting effect you want might have a few resin molds handy when you're doing this because as you can tell I'm not gonna be using the full cup resin. I'll have a lot left over that I might wanna put into a mold or do something else with. The resin will not hold it will start to cure so you need to use what is in your cup or just let it hardening your cap and then just dispose of it but that a lot of good resin you don't necessarily wanna have go to waste I am going to let those cure for three full days before I want to restring them You can see some little air bubbles coming up to the surface you can either try to take a torch to those if you want but I actually kind of like how they look. It's kind of a fun pattern in there. So I'll leave them and now I'm probably actually going to find a mold, put this extra resin in it and make another pair of earrings or something else that's really fun See you in three days and we'll restring this bracelet We've been really patient. We've let our resin fully cure so I've got the ones which are now in the little bezels that were part of the bracelet and they're dry. They have that really nice pearly sheen to them also I wanted to show you the ones that I put in the mold. This was extra resin that I had leftover I just poured it into a little round mold. I wanted to show you the color difference so these actually remember were the same batch of dyed resin with the pearlizing powder and this one looks really gray like grey white and this is very vibrant and green sand it's all because of the pink. The way the pink of the bezel actually changed how that color looked of the resin. So keep that in mind when you're doing a project like this that will definitely come into play. Also these cured in about 24 hours. I was able pop then out these ones which which were thinner actually took three days to cure so that's another thing to keep in mind is the thinner the piece is the longer it's going to take to cure which is counterintuitive but for some reason it's just the way it is so now I wanna put my bracelet back together. I'll show you how to do that I have got a big eye needle right here and that's exactly what it sounds like it's a needle with a really big eye and I've cut myself two lengths of 24 inches of Opelon. You're not gonna actually need 24 inches for each length but I thought I'd err on the side of caution here so I'll take my Opelon which is a stretch cord and put it through my big eye needle. Now I'm not gonna tie a knot on the end but I am going to just go through the holes on one side of my bezel. Remember each bezel has two holes I'll string all of then on one side here we go, take my cord out of my big eye needle. I've got them all strung now you can do one or two things, you can either loop them around and tie a knot right now or you can string the other one as well I actually want to string the second piece of stretch cord here at the same time before I tie a knot just make it a little bit easier to tie the second knot so I'm not having to fish around for those holes. They'll actually all be nice and lined up for me right now. Line them up in a row. See my needle goes through all of them Make sure you don't pull it all the way through. You have both tails so now I'm going to take the top one pull it around. I'm going to tie a knot do a double knot, through it twice and pull and again make sure it's very secure loop it through once and go back under through a second time and pull My other one is still in place. Find my tails here we go. My bracelet is looking like a bracelet again my other tails I haven't cut yet, make sure they stay out of the way pull, it formed a nice bracelet This can be really tricky guys make sure nothing tied up again tie a knot and you want it to be really secure so I'm going to go through tie another knot and why not let's just tie another one do this as many times as you want now I can go back and trim my tails off and I'm just going to pull so those knots become hidden in one of the bezels there we go so that's it. We've reassembled our bracelet and now the bezels are filled with dyed resin and using pearlizing powder Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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